Hollywood Trying To Get A Special Anti-Party Crashing Law

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Apparently, the movie studio execs in Hollywood who brought you such classic films as The Wedding Crashers only likes to glorify the idea of crashing parties when it’s not their parties. They’ve evidently convinced politicians representing the state of California that rather than fixing some of the massive problems with the bankrupt state, they should create a special new form of trespassing law to stop party crashers. Essentially, the movie studios are upset that people kept sneaking into their big awards shows and related events, and they don’t feel that existing trespassing laws are enough, so they want to throw such party crashers in jail for six months. Nice to know that Hollywood, and the politicians who work for Hollywood, have their priorities straight.

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Comments on “Hollywood Trying To Get A Special Anti-Party Crashing Law”

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Danny says:

Tsk Tsk

Thing is a lot of those party crashers aren’t crashing the parties because they actually want to get into the event but are crashing for the bragging rights. Sure upping the punishment will scare some away but chances are it will excite the thrill seekers and braggers even more.

But yes the real shame is that politicians think that protecting Hollywood parties is more important than small stuff like budgets, crime, health care, etc….

Anonymous Coward says:

Obviously the state should just provide a battalion of national guardsmen to serve cheese platters and keep out the riff-raff. Every b-rate celeb, and associated pack of agents and managers, is a national treasure. So when they get done from a hard day of imitating someone who actually did something in real life, they deserve to enjoy their cocaine and hookers without it being soiled by some gate crashing commoner.

Muffin Man says:

Ugh… God damn it! I always tell myself when I see the headline and some of the ridiculousness of them. I say: ‘Self, I says… Don’t read it, it’s just going to end up pissing you off, but I always say… Naw I says… it can’t be that bad can it…’ It is always this bad… What a crock o $#!*! Is this really that big of a problem?! Let me predict the future… The Movie studio’s and Celebrities will end up being the Royalty of the US of A. They shall be kept from the common folk and we shall be allowed to eat cake only by their good graces and by the under standing from legal department that by being told we are allowed to eat cake, does not actually entitle us to eat an actual cake and that any reference to such a comment could land us 10 days in the stocks, and sued for 100 million kagillion dollars.

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