Russian Court Orders YouTube Blocked

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Over the years, we’ve seen various countries order YouTube totally blocked for one reason or another. Turkey and Pakistan, for example, have both banned YouTube at various times. And now we can apparently add Russia to the list. Vic points us to news of a ruling in a Russian court ordering an ISP to block access to YouTube (Google translation of the original), along with four online libraries. Why the total block? Apparently, YouTube was hosting a video called “Russia for Russians,” which is problematic for whatever reason. What isn’t explained is why one problematic video should lead to all of YouTube being blocked, but… those kinds of things are never clearly explained by courts making these kinds of rulings.

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Comments on “Russian Court Orders YouTube Blocked”

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fogbugzd (profile) says:

Obvious reason

The reason for blocking the whole domain is obvious. The judge wanted to draw maximum attention to the video. By blocking the entire site people log on and see that youtube is gone. They ask around at work and find out that youtube is blocked because of one particularly interesting video. They also get the url of one of a dozen other sites that are hosting copies of the video.

Russian Guy says:

It is easy to jump to conclusions

Ya, I am russian guy so may be my ideas are biased but still listen to me.

This ‘Russia for Russians’ movement is very much equivelant to a nazi or a skinhead type of organization. they promote hate, prejudice, and violence against non russians, especially jews and muslims.

I browse youtube all the time but i never see a pro nazi or skinhead video promoting hate and violence up for more then a few hours. So why is it ok to promote the same type of movement if it has no relation to americans??

nonanonymous says:

Okay, may be check what's going before posting?

Mike, I typically don’t care about some sloppy postings that happen, but seriously, you basically know nothing of the story and you are posting it.

So lets go with basics:

1. A single judge ordered a single regional ISP to stop providing access to Youtube along with 4 other social networking sites.

2. The reason for blocking Youtube was availability of videos that have been deemed hate speech in March of this year. The videos are posted by Russian neo-nazi groups

3. Other sites are to be blocked due to availability of “Main Kampf”

4. The far more important take away which you COMPLETELY missed here is that there are law amendments in the works right now that will allow government law enforcement agencies to block sites deemed to be pushing hate speech within three days with a court permission. There were also other amendments proposed previously of the same nature, but they have not gone through.

5. There is already rather harsh criticism within Russian digital media representatives

So you had many interesting parts to this story and you just missed them all. Yeah, the decision is dumb, but so is posting about it without understanding more. Aren’t you connected to Silicon Valley where Russians just about grow on trees?

Kirion says:

Re: Okay, may be check what's going before posting?

As I’m from Russia too, I’d want to add more clarifications.

YouTube is not banned in Russia anywhere. They simply can’t enforce this ruling, and also ISP in question had appealed ruling. And I’m 100% sure that ruling will be overturned: It was hilariously bad. Basically judge copypasted text from another ruling and even forgot to change names of companies. There were some factual and grammar errors also.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Okay, may be check what's going before posting?

Hi, nonanonymous,

First off, thanks for adding more context to the story. That’s very useful. In fact that’s exactly what we hope people do here. I never claim to have the full story and always assume that the community will know more than I do, so I fully expect people to add useful and interesting commentary here. So I am not quite sure why you’re so angry. I appreciate the added context but don’t get the need you felt to insult me as well for kicking off the discussion in a manner differently than you would have.

nonanymous says:

Re: Re: Okay, may be check what's going before posting?

Don’t worry, I still love you. May be it was just Friday, but even google translate could fish out more sub-topics for you to talk about yet all you covered was the first paragraph, literally. Besides, your typical trolls were not here, so someone has to take the power vacuum created.

nonanonymous says:

Re: Okay, whatever

I think even if I use a 2×4 and Morse code on your face, you would still not understand. You obviously did not read my full post since you would know that I qualified the decision as dumb, same as you. And you most certainly missed the part that the decision itself pales in comparison to what the government is trying to pull off on a national scale.

Now go get your Adderall prescription filled so you can finish reading a post past the first sentence.

nonanymous says:

Re: Re: Re: Okay, whatever

Rather typical, you can’t understand what’s going, so you turn into a spelling Nazi. Yep, that pun is for you, enjoy.

Since you didn’t read the post past your favorite book’s name misspelling, may be you should go back and see that Mike is getting a grilling for missing out on so many parts of the story that makes it way more interesting, not because he disagrees with the decision.

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