Old Spice Man Gets Backed Up With A Few Numbers, Sales Up 107 Percent

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With all of the buzz lately around the fantastically successful Old Spice campaign, some numbers are finally starting to trickle in about whether or not the campaign actually translated into more sales of the body wash. Although initial reports suggested that the ads did little to boost sales, according to Nielsen, sales of the body wash rose 107 percent in the past month. That said, the increase cannot be necessarily attributed entirely to the social media campaign, since a coupon campaign for the body wash was also running at the same time. In an age, driven largely in part by the supposed traceability of online advertising, where there has been a large push to track ad spends all the way down to individual purchases, this ad campaign reiterates the adage attributed to John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Since this campaign was very much a branding campaign, just because it happens online does not necessarily make it more traceable, so it’s difficult to say what percentage of the increase can be attributed to the campaign. That said, at least for me, I know I considered buying some Old Spice body wash when I was at Walgreens last week, and apparently I was not alone.

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Comments on “Old Spice Man Gets Backed Up With A Few Numbers, Sales Up 107 Percent”

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Anonymous Coward says:

On a side note, the Old Spice Man, Isaiah Mustafa, is a former wide receiver in the NFL.

All the attention he’s gotten from the commercials and the social media campaign have gotten him signed up with NBC. He’s got a guest spot coming up in an episode of “Chuck”, and a small role in an upcoming Jennifer Anniston movie, “Horrible Bosses”.



Anonymous Coward says:

How many people didn’t buy old spice just for fun to make a spoof of the commercials?

How many people didn’t make jokes at the counters in front a lot of other people and those people got curious to see what the fuss was all about?

It may even has been successful as the “old spice” could have gone down in sales and that campaign stopped that.

I was reading “Street-Fighting Mathematics”(Sanjoy Mahajan-CC Commons) and the first thing that it touches is the fact that people need to pay attention to what they compare things.

Recently also a military man said that you need to define success correctly.

In this case I think it was very much a success the brand is now more recognizable so the ad’s did their job the augmented the brand exposure to the public and imprecated that on their minds, if that will translate into sales that will depend on the product no?

Jay (profile) says:

Let's remember

Proctor and Gamble have been really interested in social media for a long time. They even have something similar to Facebook being used by their networks. Source

It was only a matter of time that their experimentations would make such a successful media blitz. Gotta give them credit for doing something completely out of the park like this. It’s going to be hard for other body washes to duplicate their success. They should get to work.

Noël (user link) says:

A big piece, but just a piece

‘…the increase cannot be necessarily attributed entirely to the social media campaign, since a coupon campaign for the body wash was also running at the same time.’

I think the idea is that a social media campaign will reinforce any other marketing attempts going on – it’s one part of a larger strategy, not a standalone tactic, and shouldn’t be measured as such.

Cheers for the results report!

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