Apple Deletes Thread About Consumer Reports Not Recommending An iPhone [Updated]

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Apple, of course, became a household name with its infamous 1984 commercial, about how Apple equipment would make sure that “1984” wasn’t like 1984. However, now that it’s 2010, apparently it’s fine. As you may have heard, Consumer Reports yesterday posted that it could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to the widely discussed antenna problems. Apparently that was double-plus-ungood to the folks at Apple.

Ragaboo alerts us to the news that Apple has deleted a thread discussing this at the Apple support forums. And when they delete it, they mean it. People created a new thread, and it got deleted again. And again. And again and again. At least six such threads have been deleted, according to that TUAW article. Of course, all this is doing is drawing more attention to the issue and the fact that Apple is trying to deny it exists. Oh, and we were always at war with Eurasia.

Update: Apparently some of the threads have now come back… and people are suggesting that it may have been a glitch with Apple’s forums, rather than anything malicious… We haven’t yet seen a full explanation, but perhaps that’s the case.

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Comments on “Apple Deletes Thread About Consumer Reports Not Recommending An iPhone [Updated]”

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VX says:

It really doesn't matter

The mindless mass of trend followers (including many very smart people I know) have and will continue to by this phone because it is a shiny status symbol. They will defend Apple as they delete support threads and make excuses for their poor quality control. The consumers of Apple products are getting what they want, they are not concerned with how Apple treats customers.

VX says:

Re: Re: It really doesn't matter

Every person I know who intended to buy this phone already did despite the problems. The iPhone 4 is sold out everywhere. There is no evidence that a significant number of potential iPhone customers care about this at all. For everyone one person on the internet who intended to buy an iPhone and is complaining about this there are 50 others who are complaining that indicate they never would have bought one in the first place.

Basically, anyone who was already interested in buying a locked down phone from a company as customer unfriendly as Apple isn’t interested in little technical issues like actually being able to make a call in a low signal area while holding the phone in a natural way.

Anonymous Coward says:

Who cares?

Lots of other outlets, including this one, are covering the story. It is Apple’s prerogative to choose what threads to allow in its forums. Good idea or not does not matter.

Let me guess, since information wants to be free we should force Apple to put up with whatever we want to put in their forums. Lame.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Who cares?

Yes is their prerogative and will be their consequences further down the line for the acts they commit now.

BTW is the prerogative of other places to do whatever they want.

Let me guess since Apple is doing it the rest of the world should be forced to fallow Apple and don’t put that out there. Lame.

Tim C. says:

There are tons of phones that have issues about where you hold them including the new HTC Incredible (well documented). But you just never get the hater band-wagon that you get with Apple. The CR article is about as reliable as their Toyota article a few months back. Anandtech showed this phone actually one of the best receptions they have ever tested (as long as you don’t cover the gap, of course) I have an Iphone 4 and the signal drops when i lick my finger and squeeze the gap, but not when it is just covered. I tried the bumper in the store and it is fine with it on. I also put a piece of clear tape over the gap, also no problems. I ended up going with a $11 black silicone case (like the one I had on my 3gs) and there is no issue at all. I know there will be a lot of people who will bitch about having to spend money to fix this design problem but they should buy an HTC Hero (just don’t hold by the top :).

What is really amazing the is people making ink of this pretty typical cel phone issue. But i guess if the haters didn’t take the chance to hate, they would have nothing to say.

Nexus1 says:

Nice, Mike! Consumer Reports? They claim the iphone 4 is the best smartphone on the market:

Now that is selective “reporting”, (from the same source no less!).

No bias here, just a tech reporter getting the word out to his loyal followers.

BTW, the apple forums are back up. About 40% of Apple’s forums went down today for a couple of hours for some undisclosed reason. Don’t forget to “report” on the Keynote Help Forum Conspiracy, Mike.

Dude, is there anything true in your “reporting”?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

And your point is…what? Just like the speed of your carrier’s 3G service is irrelevant if you don’t have 3G coverage in your area, how good the iPhone 4 is overall doesn’t mean squat if it’s got such a serious hardware flaw that directly affects the device’s ability to function as a wireless communication device. The Consumer Reports article does indeed state that the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone ever, but due to the one critical flaw, cannot recommend that consumers buy it, at least not until Apple fixes the problem.

Anonymous Coward says:


You are being a bit hypocritical and paranoid in your responses. You seemed to be making quite the case, again and again and again about threads being deleted by Apple, all in light of a non-issue. You even invoked Orwellian comparisons but when someone made fun of your conspiracy theory you attacked them.

There is nothing but pure speculation and false information in your blog and that has fueled fanboys on both side. I can’t believe you are still sticking with that title which is the only reason I’m here. But when someone actually points our some facts, you go all snarky on them.

Anonymous Coward says:

A bit dated, but seems to have much merit:

Actually, and since the issue does not arise when the phone is positioned within a protective case, here is a real opportunity for an up-and-comer to make a name for itself by constructing a protective case that has been silk screened with a rag-tag image of duct tape.

BruceLD says:


Trust me. Apple does NOT care what anyone thinks. Apple Fanbois do NOT care what you think either because Apple tells them exactly how to think and what to do.

No doubt some zit-faced, affection-starved, pale and friendless Apple Fanboi support group moderator just got click happy until someone alerted his boss.

Besides. All negative publicity about the company is non-issue and everything is the end-users fault. All Apple Fanbois will evolve to their products, and never the other way around.

It’s pathetic really.

Griff (profile) says:

It's all fashion

Do Rayban make the best UV protecting sunglasses ?
Are Levis 501 jeans the most hardwearing ?

When people put up for inconvenience in the name of fashion (ie women in 5″ heels) it stops making sense to get into technical arguments about what is actually best.

I read a review of an iPod from a music fidelity point of view a couple of years back and the gist of it was that if what you wanted was something to play music in a quality way, the iPod at the time was actually quite mediocre.

I also read a Pre vs iPhone comparison where (amazingly) the author admitted the Pre was a better call making device but said that in his case that was not worth so much as he always carried a 2nd phone besides his iPhone for when he needed to actually make calls.

It’s not about people being rational.

Apple have succeeded in breaking the rule that tech push fails but market pull succeeds by making it “tech + fashion” push. But to do it they have to put just as much work into the brand image as they do into the technology itself. And if that means controlling the message in any medium over which they will have control, that’s probably good business.

Will it turn around and bite them in the ass ? I’m not sure it will. After all, you make an iPhone user happy by making him feel good about his iPhone, not just by making it technically better. Letting him see bad news about the product he has already bought does not contribute to his happiness one bit. Happy is good even if the guy is deluded about how good his gadget actually is.

People want reinforcement. They read news that matches their own views, and they are very hard to swy with contrary views.

Creepy as it may seem to us free thinking outsiders, Apple are probably handling their users just the right way.

Anonymous Bastard says:

iPhone 4 - bad luck for Apple

iPhone 4 was a PR failure from it’s start, first they have denied that the lost phone was theirs then they’ve acted like jerks to get it back. At the keynote Steve had wifi reception issues and made a stink about everyone’s hotspots who had no issues. Then we have this obvious flaw in antenna design, as in the previous instances Apple is trying to suppress the criticism and indirectly blaming AT&T for poor signal “our software had a flaw of displaying bars for AT&T’s sh!22y signal”
But by deleting the support threads they hit their lowest mark on my scale of decency.
I suspect that it all comes down to keep the shareholders happy, no shareholder wants to hear a word “recall” especially when the stock it topping out. Just build a larger size iPad 2, that will do it.

Take it like MAN Steve!

Anonymous Coward says:

Apparently some of the threads have now come back… and people are suggesting that it may have been a glitch with Apple’s forums, rather than anything malicious… We haven’t yet seen a full explanation, but perhaps that’s the case.

Very doubtful. A glitch would not be at all likely to selectively affect only threads on a single, fairly narrow topic. Much more likely is that negative publicity about the thread deletions caused Apple to back off from the unwritten deletion policy, reinstate some of the threads, and then concoct a “glitch” story to explain what happened rather than admit the deletions were intentional.

Why they even attempted it, though, will remain an enduring mystery. It’s not like Apple is any stranger to the Streisand Effect. Remember when they tried to disappear some blog posts about the technical specs of an upcoming product of theirs via lawyer-implemented bullying?

Joseph Becket says:

Interesting post, I like what you have to say. It’s important to hunt around for the right product, but when the one you get does not live up to your standards it can be frustrating. Sometimes I need a place to get my anger out and tell other people about my issues; to vent. Then I found a site that not only lets me vent, but allows other people to see it and come up with funny paybacks. The responses are so funny! Check it out here.

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