Revolving Door: Administration's ACTA Defender Jumps Ship To US Chamber Of Commerce

from the lobbyists-in-and-out dept

You may remember Steven Tepp, from the US Copyright Office, who just recently defended the administration’s position on ACTA by mocking the very legitimate concerns of many people about ACTA’s exporting of stronger copyright laws, without any corresponding exceptions, combined with the fact that it would lock in currently in-flux US caselaw with no chance for Congress to fix mistakes by the courts. James Love alerts us to the news that Tepp has left the employment of the government to become the “Senior Director of Internet Piracy and Counterfeiting” for the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce of course (a private organization, not to be confused — as some people do — with the government’s Commerce Department) is famous for its anti-fact position on IP laws, where it always believes greater protectionism is better, despite the evidence. Of course, when all of the evidence is against the Chamber of Commerce, it came out with its own laughable study that confuses correlation with a causal relationship, and bases its conclusions on lumping together various companies and assigning their success or failure entirely to intellectual property laws. It sounds like Tepp should fit right in, though it again highlights the revolving door between the folks who make the policies and those who lobby for the policies.

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Comments on “Revolving Door: Administration's ACTA Defender Jumps Ship To US Chamber Of Commerce”

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Fake Tam says:

What’s your point Mike, instead of arguing against ACTA based on conflicts of interest why not argue against what the document actually says. What’s the matter, you don’t have any valid criticisms against what the document actually says?

Just because there are conflicts of interest doesn’t mean that those conflicts of interest are responsible for the secrecy. There could be good reasons that nobody is allowed to know what the document actually says, like national security. Just because the government lied about the national security concern in the last leaked and subsequently released document doesn’t mean that national security isn’t an issue in these new secret documents. Maybe these new documents have highly classified information that terrorists can somehow use. You don’t know which is why you shouldn’t point out these conflicts of interests as something to worry about.

Besides, you can always hire a psychic to know what the document actually says. What, can’t afford to hire a psychic? I’m sure Miss Cleo would give you a discount.

Oh, and I forgot one thing. It must be Wednesday which means it’s a slow news day suggesting that there must be more to this story. Even the AP recognizes it’s a slow news day.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

In the interest of playing the game, I’ll play myself as:

by Fake Dark Helmet, Jul 8th, 2010 @ 6:10am

All three of you are part of a government and alien conspiracy! It all began on the planet Titty-Poop and involves the NSA, the CIA, Paris Hilton, and my dogs Deelee and Roscoe, who are actually cybordogs that can shoot death rays from their nipples!

AAAHHHH! Tin foil hat! Tin foil hat!

Anonymous Coward says:

“where it always believes greater protectionism is better, despite the evidence” – another semi-truth. since we have not operated “in the real world” without ip in some form for hundreds of years, there is no real indication what would happen without it.

a bunch of virtual hippies claiming we should all live in communes isnt evidence, its opinion.

Fake Dennis Yang says:

Nothing is more tragic than the spectacle of an intelligent, conscientious person wasting their precious time in a futile argument with a complete and utter twit, when that person could instead be playing with the kids, creating a great piece of art, or just reading a good book.

Hold on, did I say ‘tragic’? I meant to say ‘hilarious.’

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