Spammer's $11 Million Win Against Anti-Spammer Spamhaus, Reduced To $27,000

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Many years back, an “email marketing” company called e360 Insight got upset that the anti-spam advocacy group Spamhaus included e360 on its list of biggest spammers — a list that many service providers used for spam filtering. So, it sued claiming defamation. What followed was a bit silly, as Spamhaus (based in the UK) initially responded, but then started ignoring the lawsuit, claiming that a US court meant nothing to the UK-based operation. Because of that, a court awarded a default judgment to e360, and simply took its word on how much “damage” being on the list had caused. The end result? An award of $11 million for simply putting e360 on a list of spammers.

Spamhaus initially ignored the whole thing, again claiming US courts had no jurisdiction over it. However, after e360 sought an injunction to get Spamhaus shut down for failure to pay, Spamhaus got involved. Thankfully, a judge refused to shut down Spamhaus, and while an appeal didn’t buy many of Spamhaus’ arguments, it did throw out the $11 million award, and send it back to the lower court to recalculate the damages.

So, now, four years after the initial $11 million ruling, the court has reduced the damages award to $27,002. Quite a difference, huh? I would have to guess that e360’s legal bills cost a hell of a lot more than $27k. It turns out that there were a bunch of problems for e360, and once it had to actually prove how much damage being on the list had done, suddenly it wasn’t so interested in giving a straight answer or, at times, answering at all. As Venkat Balasubramani notes:

Despite litigating the case vigorously up to this point, when it came to damages, e360 seemed to muster a lot less energy. According to the court, e360 was “slow to provide information requested by Spamhaus . . . [and] missed several [d]eadlines.” I’ll spare readers a detailed discussion on damages, but the court’s take can be summed up as follows:

The unreliability of [e360’s] approaches is unmistakably demonstrated by the profound differences in claimed damages profferred at various points during these proceedings. Finally, it strains credulity that a company that made only a fraction of the profits [e360] asks for over the course of its five-year lifespan would have garnered profits in the amounts [e360] set out in [its] testimony or documentary evidence. The profit and loss statement [e360 provided] sets out the company’s overall profits at $332,000. . . . .

At the time of default judgment, the damages claimed were $11,715,000. During discovery, Exhibit 5 was proffered reflecting damages of $135,173,577. At trial, proffered Exhibit 5(a) showed damages of $122,271,346. During final argument, the claimed amount was $30,000,000.

Yeah, if you’ve made a total of $332,000 in profits over the course of five years, perhaps don’t claim $11 million in damages just because some company (most likely accurately) put you on a list of spammers.

As for that big question of whether or not the company was involved in spamming. Well, others have certainly thought so. In the past, we’ve noted that the company had been sued for violating CAN SPAM, and in another lawsuit e360 filed (against Comcast for filtering its spam), the judge stated pretty clearly that e360 fit the description of a spammer. On top of that, in the blog post above, Venkat points out that, just in going through this lawsuit, e360 appears to have now put on public record an awful lot of evidence that its activities fall under the definition of what most people would consider spam:

Ironically, through litigating this dispute, e360 caused to be memorialized in a court order, facts about its email practices (and the email marketing industry in general) that I’m guessing it would prefer not be in the public eye. Two facts jumped out at me from the order. First, e360 sent out 6.6 billion (!) emails through the course of its five year existence. Second, there were some familiar faces among the list of its customers: SmartBargains and Optinbig.

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Comments on “Spammer's $11 Million Win Against Anti-Spammer Spamhaus, Reduced To $27,000”

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Anonymous Coward says:

the problem at $27,000 is the same as the jammie thomas decision: the judges ruling stands, only the amount is in question. what is not in question is that there is a judgment about spamhaus methods which indicate that they can create harm and have been found liable. the dollar amount of the settlement changes little, and in fact reinforces the earlier ruling as valid.

Anonymous Coward says:

On top of that they should still refuse to pay the $27,000 because the U.S. court doesn’t have jurisdiction and U.S. courts are retarded anyways and tend to favor the parties that keep judges and lawyers employed by filing more frivolous lawsuits. After all, if frivolous lawsuits were tossed out or shot down you would have fewer people filing for lawsuits which would mean you need fewer judges and this isn’t good for judicial employment.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Anonymous Coward wrote on June 16th:
>We have users at our company that actually like getting
>e360’s e-mail. I personally find it spammy, but I’ve
>had to whitelist them because of it.

That’s a neat trick. e360 (domain name ) — the spammer
mentioned in this suit — hasn’t sent any email in more than two years.

Unless you mean some other business, that is. 🙂

DotcomNote (user link) says:

Why everyone is against Advertising

If the company violated CAM SPAM act, it should be an easy case. So, there was other issues.

Lots of people hate advertisement in the Internet. How many of those haters will pay a monthly fee to access Google or for that other sites that they visit regularly?

People want free stuff on the internet without realizing the cost involved in running a site that offers good content.

Also, from my experience I can tell you that many geeks take it to themselves to police the Internet. They assume that it is their solemn duty to protect people from the hazard of the unwanted emails.

They will arbitrarily decide who is a spammer (in spite of clear definitions in CAN SPAM act) create software to block them. Harass ISPs and block ISPs IPs they don’t comply to their demands.

BBT says:

Re: Why everyone is against Advertising

The CAN-SPAM act defines what is criminal spam.

The Spamhaus filters merely describe what they feel their customers don’t want. If their customers disagree with their assessment, they can choose not to use Spamhaus’s filters. But mostly their customers agree, and don’t want to receive anything from people on Spamhaus’s lists.

What you are doing is akin to complaining when a secretary doesn’t route your call through to someone else, because your call is clearly not illegal harassment. It’s true that it’s not illegal, but that doesn’t mean that the recipient can’t choose to refuse to take your call.

Dave says:

No understand

I really don’t comprehend what’s been going on here. If Spamhaus are not located in the States, why has public money and the court’s time been wasted? There’s no way the judgement can be enforced. I also understand that the owner of the alleged spamming company may have made false statements, saying that Spamhaus DID have a United States presence, which is clearly untrue, so why was HE not prosecuted?

Ioanni Aureus Romeo says:

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