Fox News Caught Aggregating Others Copyrighted Photographs… Something Murdoch Insists Is Illegal

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Rupert Murdoch and the top execs at News Corp. keep insisting that sites that aggregate content from elsewhere on the internet are “stealing.” Of course, as we’ve noted, News Corp. has an awful lot of sites that rely on aggregating content from elsewhere — so apparently it’s only legit when Murdoch does it himself. Murdoch, of course, has also famously claimed that fair use is a doctrine that courts would “bar altogether” if challenged in the courts — but at the same time, his own company regularly claims “fair use” to defend its own actions.

That’s generally called hypocrisy.

And it keeps getting worse. The latest is that TorrentFreak has noticed that Fox News recently put together a photo gallery of the Icelandic volcano eruption, and used some photos from Flickr — even though the photos were limited were covered by copyright and not free for others to use without permission and/or license. The photographer in question has tried contacting Fox News and has so far been totally ignored. And yet Murdoch just mentions in passing — incorrectly — that he thinks Google News “steals” his content by sending him traffic and its front page news…

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Comments on “Fox News Caught Aggregating Others Copyrighted Photographs… Something Murdoch Insists Is Illegal”

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Niall (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Mike isn’t the one calling it ‘illegal’, that’s Rupert Murdoch with the insane double standards and no concept of ‘illegality’. Mike is just using his own words.

As for ‘silly Mike’, that is exactly Mike’s point. Murdoch only screams when it’s him being ‘affected’.

Better ‘silly’ than ‘shilly’ anyways 😉

Niall (profile) says:

Re: Re:

If it was simply a ‘mistake’ based on ‘greed’ then the selfishness argument might work. We expect the dear RM to try and profit off us as much as possible. What makes this definitely hypocrisy is all the active shouting *against* this kind of behaviour that RM has done. He can’t publicly have it both ways without leaving himself wide open to claims of hypocrisy, along with the potential ‘stupidity’ of not implementing a tougher robots file (which just adds to the hypocrisy).

anon says:

it’s just the screaming of control freak nazi’s in the mainstream media who monitor comments containing certain viewpoints and are just using this as a means to go after the ones who would comment on their articles anyway on their own sites. viewpoints like if keynesian econcomics says that only cash flow matters then why is it that government is the only institution that tries to solve debt with more debt which logically is just not going to work unless extremely lucky (however keynesianism is one of the major supported economics schools of thought by the government and so comments of this nature by me anyway are not posted ever).

the photographer in question should sue imo.

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