Sarkozy Kicks Off Criminal Investigation Into Blog/Twitter Reports He Had An Affair

from the thin-skinned? dept

And we were always told in the US that we spent too much time worrying about which politician was having affairs, while in France, it was pretty much expected that politicians had mistresses. Yet, apparently, Nicolas Sarkozy is so upset about online rumors, repeated on blogs and on Twitter, that both he and his wife have had affairs, that a criminal investigation has been kicked off. Under what law? Apparently the claim is that this would be a “fraudulent introduction of data into a computer system.” That seems like a stretch. These are just internet rumors. Most people let them go. At the very least, I could see a libel claim — but a criminal investigation for “fraudulent introduction of data into a computer system” just seems like massive abuse of power and overkill.

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Comments on “Sarkozy Kicks Off Criminal Investigation Into Blog/Twitter Reports He Had An Affair”

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Michael (profile) says:

Re: Re: That's a law?

Not going overboard here – for it to be fraud, there would have to be some kind of intent, or at least knowledge of the fraud. Writing bad checks is fraud only if you actually knew the account was empty.

However, I still contend that there are plenty of reasons to enter fraudulent data into a computer. If someone IM’s me asking for my phone number, I can’t give them an incorrect number?

We must be missing some information on the law in question. If it really is as broad as Mike’s article suggests, it can’t stand up for long.

Newbelius (user link) says:

Re: That's a law?

There’s a difference between invalid data and fraudulent data. Although there are differences between the legal definition of fraud from country to country, generally there needs to be some sort of intent to deceive for the purpose of gain. Entering in false information into a website does not constitute fraud unless I did so with the intent to profit because of the use of the false information. For example, my real name is not Newbelius, yet going under that pseudonym here is not fraud, but merely annonimity. It’s not likely that I will profit by using the pseudonym of Newbelius.

donatella says:


what goes around comes around. So if the shoe fits and apparently it does, you should put that in yr pipe and smoke it. Cant think of any other platitudes for the cheating sods. ” If you sleep with the dogs you get up with fleas.”E ven if you manage to sue Mr pompous president, You still have fleas. Everyone knows fleas are hard to get rid of.

tonio (from Paris) says:

translation misunderstanding

What they mean by “fraudulent introduction of data into a computer system.” is more like using unauthorized access to introduce fraudulent data in the system.
To clarify a bit what happened here, this rumor came out right at the moment of the regional elections in France, so he kicked off this investigation to get to know who originated the gossip. No one is likely to ever actually get convicted. The inestigation is just meant to find out who tried to politically unstabilize Sarkozy.
It actually IS “massive abuse of power” (not the first and probably not the last) but that’s all there is to it.

Nobody gives a shit who bangs who anyway

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