Google Fined For Not Blocking Dirty Jokes

from the there-once-was-a-man-from-nantucket dept

sinsi was the first of a few of you to send in the news that Google has been fined by a Brazilian court for not blocking some dirty jokes on its Orkut social network (which, for reasons no one has explained, is only popular in Brazil). This isn’t the first time that Google has run into legal trouble over Orkut — though it appears in every case that the Brazilian courts seem to blame Google for any action done by its users. Have they no safe harbors in Brazil? Do courts really not understand why it makes no sense to blame the service provider for actions of their users? Amusingly, the court even cited the fact that Google censors content in China as a reason for why it could do so in Brazil — but left out Google’s recent decision to pull out of China entirely, rather than continue to filter results.

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Comments on “Google Fined For Not Blocking Dirty Jokes”

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:) says:

Brazil have limitations to copyright but that is the extent of it as far as I know, many south american countries have some very limited limits on copyright, the good news is that they can’t afford to enforce, the bad is that nobody cares if laws are passed or not and forget that some day those laws will be enforced.

funny note: On boingo boingo Xeni Jardim was just complaining about a supposedly rip off of some artist that did some cut outs from maps(not a original idea).

KnownHuman (profile) says:

Orkut's Popularity in Brazil

If memory serves me correctly, Orkut was released (in beta, of course) right around the same time as Gmail. The late spring of 2004. Both setups were moderately closed, requiring an invite, but users were given the ability to invite new users.

If you remember back, that was right around the same time that MySpace was gaining in popularity amongst teens and twenty-somethings in the United States. MySpace gained enough users to be self-sustaining in America, while the closed nature of Orkut became popular with Brazilian (and Indian) users.

As MySpace grew in importance in America, the number of active American users at Orkut atrophied. The more that left, the quicker the atrophy.

As a user who signed up for both services right around the same time, it was an interesting transition to watch.

Brandon (profile) says:

Re: Orkut's Popularity in Brazil

I’ve noticed this myself. Its interesting how popular Orkut got in places like Brazil but MySpace and FaceBook exploded in the US and Europe. I believe that other services (can’t remember their names) also had the same type country-specific growth. It’d be nice to see an analysis on this.

I wonder why, maybe the way Orkut works seems more natural to Brazil than Facebook or Myspace.

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