Could Looking At London's 2012 Olympics Logo Land People In Prison?

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Well, here’s a fun one sent in by ChurchHatesTucker. You may have heard the somewhat troubling story of the guy found guilty of child pornography for downloading images of the cartoon Simpsons performing sexual acts. It does seem a bit ridiculous to claim that naked versions of famous cartoon characters represent actual child porn, but… so sayeth the court. But, here’s the potential problem:

That is the logo for the 2012 Olympics in London. My first reaction to it was that it’s just hideous from a design standpoint, but others quickly noticed something worse. You can look at that logo and… um… see what appears to be Lisa Simpson… doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Yeah. Once you see it, it never goes away. So, as CHT notes, given that ruling of child porn for having an image of a Simpsons cartoon child performing sex acts… is looking at the 2012 Olympic logo going to be classified as viewing child porn now?

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Comments on “Could Looking At London's 2012 Olympics Logo Land People In Prison?”

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Pitter says:

why zion????????????????????????????????

why 2012 Olympics Zion Logo???!!!
What relation is to the Olympics?
Olympics to all nations, not for the rapist and murderer Israel..!! Wake up British friends!!
please Wake up!!
How that the English politicians were Zionists?
namely,more British people are not Englishman?!

Damn Israeli terrorism.
Damn Israeli criminal.
Damn Israeli rapist.

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