Microsoft Sues BitTorrent Tracker

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After already targeting a bunch of users of a popular Lithuanian BitTorrent tracker, Microsoft has apparently now tried suing the owner of the torrent tracker itself, though the guy claims he stopped running it at the end of last year. But, again, it seems backwards to sue the operator of a tracker, when that tracker does not host or transmit any copyrighted material itself. On top of that, Microsoft has sued for $43 million, when Lithuanian law apparently limits the potential damages in this case to $53,000. Either way, due to the case, the (previous?) owner of the site has had his assets frozen — which seems pretty extreme based on just an accusation, rather than a conviction.

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Comments on “Microsoft Sues BitTorrent Tracker”

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Richard Corsale (profile) says:

Speeking of accusation based presumption of guilt

I just saw the State of the union address.. He talks of human rights, while just today the administration pushed the free nations of the world to convict file-sharers based solely on accusations. Today in Guadalajara the ACTA treaty’s enforcement negotiations took place. Guilt by accusation is a human rights violation last time I checked. He talks of stopping lobbies from corrupting senators.. The fortune 100 companies are the ones that crafted this treaty. He talks of transparency, HE IS the one that hid this treaty from the people calling it a “National Security” secret. The only people that have seen it, are the intellectual property lobbies who wrote it, and the trade negotiators of these foreign nations who we’re threating with embargo if they don’t betray their Citizens on behalf of our corporate elite.

This is too painful to watch..

Spaceman Spiff (profile) says:

Talking about MicroSludge, not Obama

Let’s keep on topic. Yes, there is a lot to be pissed off about B.Obama, but there is just as much to be pissed off about Microsoft. How many whacks upside the head is it going to take before they understand that they don’t own the world? I think it’s time to give them another whack…

Pjerky (profile) says:

Re: Talking about MicroSludge, not Obama

Yeah, but if you think about it with Microsoft we can just choose to not use their products. But with the U.S. Government and our President we can only choose to put someone else in there once every 4 years. And the President can do a lot more damage. I just wish we can get some honest politicians in the White House that care about all facets effecting American citizens.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Talking about MicroSludge, not Obama

“Yeah, but if you think about it with Microsoft we can just choose to not use their products”

If only it were that simple… There’s many reasons why MS have maintained a monopoly despite having what most people agree are inferior products. Especially if you operate in business, you don’t really have much of a choice on the desktop.

“But with the U.S. Government and our President we can only choose to put someone else in there once every 4 years.”

So… what’s your solution? Would you rather have a system where the president is essentially campaigning the whole time during his office? I can guarantee that little would get done, and nothing controversial would even get suggested if a term of less than 4 years was in place.

Getefix says:

Re: Re: Re: Talking about MicroSludge, not Obama

It is obvious that the Great Experiment has failed. America needs to change to a parliamentary system of government. That way the American Pirate Party can swing enough clout to make a difference in copyright law. But I suspect Americans would rather remain peons of a corporate oligarchy than admit they failed to make their own system work.

Anonymous Coward says:

full of shit.

i could easily accept your argument if it wasn’t full of shit.

there are no other applications named “microsoft office”. if torrent network operators had a shred of credibility, they’d do a few searches to gather up all the hashes of these OBVIOUSLY pirated copies, and then ban the naming of anything with “microsoft office” or similar, and ban the upload of torrents for anything with those hashes. shit, they could even just wait until they received a takedown notice. it’s REALLY simple, and would eliminate 99% of public tracker piracy in a matter of minutes. but the ops don’t want to do that because their traffic would look like mininova’s (note: that plummet is when mininova started filtering).

when your service gets overrun by unlawful uses, and the cost for you to stop the unlawfulness is virtually nothing (seriously, i could code the hash/name filter in an under an hour), there’s nothing wrong with making you stop the unlawfulness.

this is not like filtering the internet at large (which has been shown to be ineffective and politically abused time and time again). mininova is now the second instance where a major p2p network tried filtering and died from abandonment (napster was the first). sure, there are third party plugins that allow some sort of transposition in names of uploads, but most people won’t go that far. they sure didn’t on napster.

Noob Buster says:

Full of something...

there are no other applications named “microsoft office”.

Let’s see… I’ll do a quick search on the internet…

  • Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office
  • OpenOffice.orgDownload this white paper to get started on a smooth migration from Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Office Add-in | YouSendIt
  • Analyze and Convert Microsoft® Office Documents to HTML … The Accessible Wizard for Microsoft Office 2007
  • Avery Wizard for Microsoft Word | Avery Wizard Download
  • Microsoft Office XP Tutorials

All of those have Microsoft Office in the description… possible in the title. And none are from Microsoft.

And that was 3 seconds of searching

It’s not that easy to do a search and trash. Not only that, but in other coutries, where they don’t even speak english… it could be translated differently, or they may simply have no interest in learning English.

Get a brain… then use it.

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