We Think Open Access To Research Is Important… But The Reasons Why Are Behind This Paywall

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Via James Boyle, we’re pointed to an editorial that supposedly is all about improving access to research via open access policies for the public — and just so happens to be locked up behind a paywall itself. Apparently, the publisher doesn’t necessarily agree with the authors’ conclusions.

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Comments on “We Think Open Access To Research Is Important… But The Reasons Why Are Behind This Paywall”

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jjmsan (profile) says:

Scientific Literacy

It would seem that with all the concern about how we are falling behind other countries in science and technology increased access would be priority. The editorial does have one great idea though. “Thus, for instance, an agency might choose to work with its stakeholder communities to provide robust public access to journal articles on publisher Web sites, rather than constructing and paying for a centrally operated repository.” Put articles online rather than in a building, what an idea.

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