Who's Behind The False Rumors That Facebook Might Start Charging?

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Way back when Friendster was the super hot social networking startup with an unworkable business model, there was suddenly a rush of rumors that the company was going to start charging for use. Even though the company never suggested plans to charge, there was an outcry among users — and I remember getting messages from people threatening to boycott Friendster if it ever did charge. In fact, many people started suggesting alternatives… with MySpace being a key one. It wasn’t long after this episode that many people really did start migrating over to MySpace. Later on there were reports that the “rumors” about Friendster charging were actually started (and then spread) by MySpace employees. And it worked.

It looks like someone may be trying to pull the same trick with Facebook. Apparently a bunch of rumors have been spreading about Facebook planning to charge, resulting in huge protest groups in Facebook, and the company needing to make a public denial of any plans to charge. In Facebook’s case, this is even more believable because the company claims that it’s already profitable from existing ad sales. And, knowing how Facebook operates, I can’t see anyone there seriously considering charging for use. They know the idea is preposterous and would destroy the site.

So the only thing I’m wondering is who kicked off these rumors? Is it another social network? Is it MySpace again trying to regain relevance? Or was it really just another malware scam to get people to click on unsafe links, that then resulted in a misguided panic?

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Comments on “Who's Behind The False Rumors That Facebook Might Start Charging?”

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mikez (profile) says:

Re: Not necessarilly malicious


Add to it the influx of users that are 35+ yrs old and you have a huge user base that isn’t as internet savvy as the kids that were the initial users of facebook. I see my friends falling for the scam apps all the time, and have seen many of them joining the protest groups. The most common protest group I see is that fb will start charging $5 a month but saw one claiming fb will charge ₤14.99 a month.

mikez (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Not necessarilly malicious


Sure it’s a general statement, but there’s truth to it. Just because people my age (41) have been using the internet since it’s early days doesn’t mean the majority of them have. These are the same people that would forward you 10 emails a day cause they were funny or warned of some imminent danger or the ones that couldn’t understand why their computers don’t work well after downloading free smileys.

Don’t take general statements personally kid.

Palmyra (profile) says:

Re: Re: Not necessarilly malicious

61 yrs old, on Facebook, got my first PC in 1982, was online from Jan 83 to date, ran my own BBS for years. Built my first TV when I was 16 and can’t count how many PCs I’ve put together. My kids come to me for help.

Protest groups? You have no idea of what protesting is until you stand across from a bunch of National Guard weekend worriers with fixed bayonets while you are protesting the war and the draft.

Don’t make broad statements kid…

Sara says:

Re: Re: Not necessarily malicious

That is hilarious. My husband and I are both in the tech industry. I work as a software trainer and it’s amazing how tech ignorant “kids” under 35 are! Yeah, they know how to google, IM, use fb and myspace but they don’t know how to use the software, write code or troubleshoot problems. It shocks me how ignorant some 18-30y.o. users are. You are dead wrong in assuming that “old” people over 35 are the only neophytes in the technical arena. (plus you misspelled necessarily…)

scarr (profile) says:

FYI, MySpace had to fight off rumours that they were going to start charging too. (I mean a few years ago, when people used it.) I didn’t know they might’ve started that trend on Friendster, but I just assumed it was natural human panic taking over when random people tried to start fires.

I have intelligent friends and I still see stuff about “Google is going to make all your personal FB info available if you don’t change this little setting they didn’t tell you about!!!” It’s completely misunderstood, and doesn’t make sense, but people buy into it.

DJ (profile) says:


One of the best such pranks to which I’ve been witness was while I was aboard USS HAWES. Just prior to pulling into a liberty port someone started spreading a rumor that Shakira was performing there. Within hours it had spread throughout the ship as “fact”.
Sometimes, it’s just someone trying to see how far a rumor will go before it’s quashed.

Steve Mermelstein (user link) says:

This is nothing new

Back in the 90s when people actually used AOL, these crazy rumors were floated all the time. AOL is going to double fees. AOL is going to charge $10 an hour! AOL is going to charge an extra $15 a month for chat. It was ridiculous. Every AOL member received 4 of 5 of these chain letters in their inboxes everyday.

It’s the same type of idiots behind this stuff now…. mostly malware spammers and the mentally disturbed who get a slight ego boost by telling their friends something they didn’t know albeit if it’s not even true.

Bert Miller (profile) says:

I think marketers

Some time ago I read an ebook about how to make money on Facebook. Author recommended making viral groups. He put three examples of these groups:
“Stop The Use Of Live Dogs As Shark Bait!”,
“Find Out Who Downloaded Your Profile Pics By Right Clicking” “Get Your Name In The Guinness Book Of World Records!”.
So IMO smart marketers started these rumours and these protest groups.

The Contrarian view says:

Facebook should charge.

I disagree that charging for facebook is preposterous and would destroy the site. If facebook charged for the service the bill would be similar to cheap web hosting, perhaps even as little as $30 a year. Facebook would finally stop messing around with people’s privacy settings, i.e:
http://gawker.com/5428155/the-facebook-privacy-settings-youve-lost-forever . They won’t have to concern themselves with trying to please advertisers.

Dale (profile) says:

The trouble with rumors is that sometimes they become the truth. You young people ask some of the older people about the free web pages from tripod or homestead or a host of other companies that gave you space for a while and assured everyone it would remain free then started charging. It may be a rumor but they have a way of becoming fact. When a company decides to close the doors they reassure all the workers that the rumors of closing are false and their jobs are safe. It may be good that some people are letting facebook know how they feel about paying for the service.

Consumer Slave (user link) says:


How is it so many people take what a company says at face value? (Pardon the pun). It doesn’t matter one iota what someone says from one day to the next, people in business are there to make money. The only reason they will do or not do something is with that in mind. If facebook work out that they can charge users and still make more money after losing everyone who wont pay, then they will do just that.

Just about everything that is free on the internet has one end goal – to make money. There is no fantastic modern brotherhood of sharing, I am astounded at how many people buy into that.

Some smaller guys and individuals will be able to act with some notion of values and ethics, corporations are simply incapable of doing anything other than exploiting the masses for their own profits, that is their requisite goal and their legal status demands that they do so.

Google is exactly the same, it makes untold fortunes through advertising and selling personal data. It has broken laws in countless countries and got away with it. It is a law unto itself and if one day it decides to start charging for any of its services there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it other than make it uneconomical for them to do so. The direction things are taking mean that the majority will end up in a position where they will pay rather than go through the inconvenience of removing and swapping all their apps etc. that is if we still have any choice of alternatives in ten or twenty years.

The people who head politics and corporate business are always the most two faced double crossing liars to claw, fight and trick their way to the top.

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