Chile Rejects Attempt To Force ISPs To Filter And Block Copyrighted Works

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While some other countries have caved to pressure from the entertainment industry and US diplomats to implement ridiculously draconian copyright laws, it’s always nice to hear of some pushing back. Nicolas A. Barriga points us to the news that despite several attempts by Chile’s president to pass extremely draconian copyright laws, that would force ISPs to actively police their networks and block access to content that was accused (not proven) of being infringement, the provision was definitively rejected (Google translation of the original). Apparently, it was rejected in such a way that the President can no longer re-introduce it.

What’s interesting here (beyond a victory for user rights) is that a big part of the argument pushed by the entertainment industry representatives, was that this law was necessary to remain in compliance with trade agreements (there they are again) with the US. However, it appears that Chilean politicians recognized this was a load of bunk. Nothing in their trade obligations required such a solution. This sound similar to pressure put on countries like Canada and Israel, where they’re told they need to introduce copyright laws well beyond anything in the US just to live up to their international obligations. So far, both Canada and Israel have pushed back, and it’s good to see Chile doing so as well.

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