Russian Publishers Taking A More Progressive View On Book 'Piracy'

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Martin sent over an article from a Swedish publication about how some Russian book publishers are dealing with “piracy” (translated via Google from the original). While some do seem upset about the issue, others are actually figuring out ways to deal with it, including offering their own vastly cheaper ebook versions quickly (and with no DRM), or even working out deals with “pirate” sites to share some of the ad revenue. The one publisher that the article focuses on, Sergei Parchomenko, says that they’re not losing money from pirate sites, but the responsibility is on him to come up with a workable business model. It’s nice to see someone realizing that they need to react to the market, rather than freak out about things.

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Comments on “Russian Publishers Taking A More Progressive View On Book 'Piracy'”

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and again says:

copyright is nt ownership

ill say that its way too simple to add in php a donate field and have rich greedy people donate and get a bragging image or flag to say they donated
you could even constantly thank in flashing letters via JavaScript each person as a person moves page to page
and you give part of that donation to the site and part to the author.

none wants to do it but the Russians and look authors making a buck and wow sharing ad revenue well that donate button might be a better way. and you could make a formula
per dl to share ad revenues and that donate to author is greater share

the thing is hollywood
you pushed isps to impose caps and throttling and make internet so expensive that you are effectively killing your selves and YOU DO REALIZE THAT?
let a few more months of this no public torrents go on and see how christmas sales drop cause no one gets any exposure what to go out and buy

Vlad says:

Some detailes are missing

The guy, Sergei Parchomenko, might became pretty much a pariah of the Russian internet. I do not know all details myself but from what I was reading yesterday night I got an impression that people are hating him now. However, somebody says that he was under the permanent pressure.

The story how I understood is the following:
1. The guy created the online library somewhere in Ecuador domain (no IP)
2. For two years the fast growing COMMUNITY was uploading books (very often scanned at home manually)
3. The guy closed access to the site and demanding a little but more than $1 as a monthly subscription to share with publishers
4. As I understood, the site will have links to the publishers web-sites but I am not sure if the users will have the free access to their content.

IMHO, the ethical site of his action is under the question. The community created the big content and this community is locked out from it at the moment.

By the way, I know at least four (4) mirrors of that library. Considering that people are leaving that web-site and there are not a lot of subscribers, I do not think that this move will bring any money to the publishers.

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