Company Sues Gartner Again For Not Putting It In The Magic Quadrant

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No matter what you think of Gartner’s research (and we’ve been quite clear that we don’t think much of it), the lawsuit brought by ZL Tech against Gartner earlier this year for not putting it in Gartner’s infamous “magic quadrant” was a non-starter from the beginning, and it was no surprise that it was quickly tossed, as the judge noted that Gartner is free to have its own opinion. ZL should have taken the hint. Instead, it’s amended the complaint and tried again. You can see the full complaint here or read it below:

It’s basically more of the same. ZL is still claiming that Gartner has no right to its opinion, saying that because Gartner bases its opinion on “a body of facts” through “a rigorous process” it’s no longer an opinion. That’s flat out ridiculous. All opinions are based on a body of facts, and even if you have a rigorous process by which you figure out how to sort your opinions, it’s still an opinion.

ZL also talks about Gartner’s well-known conflicts of interest, a topic that is widely discussed and certainly has done great harm to Gartner’s credibility in many circles, while still not being illegal. Basically ZL just comes across as a company angry that Gartner didn’t rank it high enough, which — in my opinion (please don’t sue) — raises plenty of questions about why you’d want to work with a company so thin-skinned and sensitive to someone else’s opinion.

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Comments on “Company Sues Gartner Again For Not Putting It In The Magic Quadrant”

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kambui (profile) says:


I will tell you my friends…two things…

One…market sizing…sometimes…or at least your boss gets off your back when you say you pulled the numbers from Gartner…

Two…consulting firms read Gartner every month to determine what subject(s) clients will become paranoid about during the current month, then the firms sell into the paranoia…

(heh) I don’t mean for it to sound the way it does…

Depending on your business problem and/or perspective, a five-figure Gartner subscription may or may not be worth it…

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