Apple Fighting Macpro In Australia, Despite Is Using That Name For 26 Years

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Reader mick alerts us to a legal fight in Australia with Apple working hard to stop computer firm Macpro from being able to keep its name. The company has been in business since 1983, prior to Apple introducing the Macintosh (which happened in early 1984). In other words, Macpro should have priority on the name. When Apple tried to register a trademark on Mac Pro, Macpro opposed it and won, but Apple keeps fighting, and Macrpo’s boss thinks the company is just trying to force them into bankruptcy with legal bills (he’s already spent $200,000). He says he’s offered reasonable settlements to Apple, but gets no response. Again, given Apple’s early trademark fight with the Beatle’s Apple Corp., you might think that it would be sensitive to bullying other companies over trademark issues… but apparently Apple thinks different(ly).

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Comments on “Apple Fighting Macpro In Australia, Despite Is Using That Name For 26 Years”

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The Cenobyte says:

Steve Jobs has always been this way.

Steve Jobs and Co have always been assholes and idiots. They don’t care about people or whate they need or what, they care about making money, so will happily rip you off if they can. Steve W on the other hand was a great guy that loved computers and people, which is exactly why he left Apple all those years ago (Jobs is a jerk and he didn’t like jerks). Honestly the biggest problem with Mac is that people just fell into this ‘it’s really kewl’ thing and where willing to follow them around like sick puppies. If MS had done even 10% of the evil crap that Apple has done over they years they likley would have gone out of business (They where always hated and had to work really hard to keep people from being angery with them) but Apple could do no wrong.

For the longest time the only reason I wanted them to stay in business was the try and help keep MS honest, but now we have linux and I think they are moving along fast enough to keep MS honest. Apple can go away now.

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