Brazilian Hacking Attempts Fail To Break Brazilian E-Voting, But Do Improve The Process

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We pointed out recently that Brazil was allowing groups of hackers and security experts to hack their e-voting machines, something that the e-voting industry has always resisted angrily. The e-voting companies have never been able to adequately explain why experts shouldn’t be able to try to hack the machines, and all it did was lead to more distrust over the machines. However, the Brazil test has been concluded, and there’s some good news: no one was able to crack the machines. However, with all the hack attacks, officials did learn a few things that are helping them to improve the overall process with the machines. It’s really amazing that we still don’t have something similar happening in the US.

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Comments on “Brazilian Hacking Attempts Fail To Break Brazilian E-Voting, But Do Improve The Process”

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Tor (profile) says:

Security vs. obscurity

Let me quote the introduction of Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier:

“If I take a letter, lock it in a safe, hide the safe somewhere in New York, then tell you to read the letter, that’s not security. Thats obscurity. On the other hand, if I take a letter and lock it in a safe, and then give you the safe along with the design specifications of the safe and a hundred identical safes with their combinations so that you and the worlds best safecrackers can study the locking mechanism – and you still can’t open the safe and read the letter – thats security.”

The E-voting industry clearly seems to favour obscurity over security. It’s good to see some of their customers challenge that view.

Anonymous Coward says:



Fagundes says:

Re: Brazilian E-Voting system

You should not forget that Brazilian banking system compensates a check in 1 working day (very different from the Europe, which takes longs 4 day in the best cases), keeping in mind that Brazil is a wide country in geographic terms.

That is why some countries in development are showing amazing things like this example about the e-voting.

Anonymous Coward says:


What do you think? Should I leave it at shaving cream?

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