Texas Pulls Voting Reg System From IBM After Multimillion System Can't Recover Lost Data

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EFF points us to yet another massively expensive computer system that can’t do some rather basic things. Apparently the state of Texas has pulled its election systems from an $863 million computer system project it had with IBM, after failures and glitches in the system took down the voter system and lost data, which was unrecoverable. State officials realized that if this had happened during an actual election, the state wouldn’t have been able to verify new voters, in violation of federal law. So, it dumped IBM and set up its own system that (gasp) actually has multiple backups of the data. I guess things like redundant backups aren’t included in the $863 million package.

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Comments on “Texas Pulls Voting Reg System From IBM After Multimillion System Can't Recover Lost Data”

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Derek Reed (profile) says:

Re: Figures...

I’d argue this is a failure of government to actually use the private sector. There are multiple companies “out there” who could do this job, and bid it under 863 million, and provide adequate backups and redundancy.

Whatever means were used to select IBM and whatever requirements were not given (or given and not met) are clearly at least part of the problem here.

Rob (profile) says:

Backups don't guarantee recover is posible

Having backups, even redundant backups, don’t guarantee that recover is possible. I’ve seen it many times where it turns out the backup media is bad or wasn’t done correctly.

When was the last time you tested your backup system? The answer for most people is never.

And what if the government does a worse job at this than the private sector. I can hardly wait.

Anonymous Coward says:

Backups don't guarantee recover is posible

Try the DROBO approach they succeeded is a fantastic piece of equipment and is so simple.

HDDs + Virtual Filesystems + resources management + security probes.

The only thing missing is the endless redundancy from the Linux core that have thousands of backups all over the world so unless the end of humanity or the world comes there will be linux kernels somewhere LoL

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