Washington Post Calls For Federal Funding Of Newspapers?

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Just days after we wrote about a study that showed more government funding of the press leads to less reporting on government corruption, along comes the Washington Post with an editorial saying it’s time to have the federal government fund more journalism. I wonder how Watergate would have turned out if the Washington Post was relying on Nixon for cash… The editorial piece claims that no one is “filling the gap” left by fewer newspaper reporters, but presents no evidence whatsoever to support that. The market is changing, absolutely, but we’re seeing all sorts of new, unique and innovative ways of covering the news — often allowing much greater coverage than in the past. Getting the government involved may sound good to the Washington Post, but it hardly seems like the right formula for an independent press.

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Comments on “Washington Post Calls For Federal Funding Of Newspapers?”

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Mike says:

This is b/s

It’s not the governments job to prop up every dead beat industry in this country. In fact it’d be more helpful if the damn things failed. There’s way to much fat on the American economy due to everyone sucking off the big tit of government.

If some people in Washington just had the balls to put away the tit for a good decade or two these struggling businesses would fail. Then, out of that failure would come other businesses that succeed, because they can do things better, faster, cheaper, etc. It’s the cycle of business and it’s ideas like the ones conceived by the Post that land us in the kind of shit storm we’re in now.

Monkey Boy says:

Save the town criers!

Please think of the town criers! The evil newspaper industry and improving education system are going to put them out of business. Those poor dears, how will they ever be able to take care of their family when they’ve all become unemployed? I know, lets create a town crier tax! That way they won’t ever have to worry about losing their income again! What, you didn’t seriously expect them to simply find a new source of income, did you? Shame on you!

Daemon_ZOGG (profile) says:

Don't You Mean The Washington COMPOST?

Media outlets MUST remain financially independent for the sole reason of credibility. Once the government begins funding media outlets, it becomes a “conflict of interest”. Any reporting of government news or stories by that media source will be tainted.
Through the eyes of the reader or observer, the truth becomes whatever the government says it is. Not what it REALLY is.

While there is benefit to “small” “local community” newspapers.. The struggling giant, conglomerate, over-bloated newspaper outlets, i.e. Washington Compost, New York Grimes, etc.. need to stop pissing and moaning about how life is Soooo unfair and start adapting to change. Look what happened to 8-track & cassette tapes. We still listen to music. Just Not On Outdated Media! ;p

Change has come. It’s already here. And it WILL kick you to the curb if you’re unwilling to go with it. Think about that when your selling your LAST newspaper… 😉

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