When Even Comedy Shows Are Mocking Attempts At Stronger Copyright Law…

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Via Michael Geist comes a link to this segment on the Canadian sketch comedy/political satire show This Hour has 22 Minutes, where it totally mocks the claims that file sharing is killing the music business by highlighting the previous “copying technologies” (home taping, VCR, photocopier) that the industry insisted was killing content providers:

While I actually think the bit could be funnier, it’s pretty striking to see that sort of thing on a mainstream television program. More and more people are realizing that copyright industry claims have little support in reality, and that concept is starting to go mainstream.

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Comments on “When Even Comedy Shows Are Mocking Attempts At Stronger Copyright Law…”

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keven sutton says:

On funny...

They probably could have added a few things to make it more entertaining, however….

Canada may be very similar, culturally, to the U.S. but so is the U.K. and what is seen as hilarious there is sometimes received very luke warm in the U.S.

If they put more bits, the impact of the message might be lost.

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