WWE's Vince McMahon Threatens Wine School For Having A Sommelier Smackdown

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Wrestling entertainment mogul Vince McMahon apparently thinks he controls the use of the word “smackdown” to describe non-wrestling competitions as well, as his lawyers have sent a cease and desist to the Wine School of Philadelphia for daring to have a Sommelier Smackdown competition. I wonder how many wines the average “moron in a hurry” would have to drink before thinking that the Sommelier Smackdown was somehow associated with World Wrestling Entertainment. Hopefully, the lawyers from the Wine School of Philadelphia will show McMahon how a Trademark Smackdown works.

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Comments on “WWE's Vince McMahon Threatens Wine School For Having A Sommelier Smackdown”

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Freedom says:


I’ve got an idea – as part of getting a trademark on anything, you have to agree that any trademark disputes will first have to be submitted to a trademark board. This board will evalate x basic criteria. Unless you get their approval you can’t go ahead and threaten or actually sue anyone for trademark abuse – period. Basically you need their stamp that you aren’t a trademark moron.


Anonymous Coward says:

Just for a little more context...

Okay, not that this trademark threat isn’t utterly idiotic, but there is a little more behind it…at least, I think, if I have my facts right.

If my brief Googling of word etymology is correct, “smackdown” is a word coined by The Rock (famous wrestler, current actor) from his popular catchphrase “laying the smackdown”. The TV Wrestling brand was later named after this catchphrase.

So, while it’s still a ridiculous threat, it’s slightly less ridiculous when you consider that word itself was created from one of McMahon’s employees.

Doc (profile) says:

Re: I'm With Allen On This One

I think you are wrong about wrestling fans. Yes, back in the day it was pretty redneck. However, in the 90s wrestling was the in thing. WWF/E and WCW shows were top rated shows on cable TV on Monday nights. As the decade closed wrestling became less chic.

I am a life long wrestling fan, I have a college degree, work in IT, I am an MCSE, CCNA, CNA, A+ and Net+ certs (all current). I don’t think I have a low IQ. I have lots of friends that are professionals and are pretty damned smart as well. So I think you should look at the current demographics from the WWE before you shoot your uneducated mouth off about what makes up a particular sub-culture of people.

I do agree that Vince is a jack ass most of the time, but don’t confuse the man with the character on TV. He’s taken a small regional business and made it a world wide brand. The company is worth millions, and is still a top rated show on cable TV on Monday nights. Also RAW is one of the longest running shows on TV bar none.

Now his trademark suit is a joke. Frankly all these types of suits lately make me want to puke. Every time someone comes up with something new and cool, they are hauled in to court by these trolls because they hold a patent on this or that. This whole idea of IP has become a Pandora’s box.

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