WSJ Defies NFL's Restriction On Live Blogging

from the whatcha-gonna-do-about-it? dept

Remember how the NFL told the press that they weren’t allowed to live blog or live Tweet games, as it would be a violation of the league’s broadcast rights? I noted that I couldn’t see how that was enforceable by the league, other than by kicking reporters out of the stadium. Of course, even that would backfire, because a reporter could just watch the game on TV and live blog. And… in fact… that’s exactly what the WSJ just did, apparently thumbing its collective nose at the NFL’s restrictions. Ben alerts us to the news that a WSJ reporter, safely on his couch at home, live blogged a recent football game between the NY Jets and the Tennessee Titans. Your move, NFL…

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Comments on “WSJ Defies NFL's Restriction On Live Blogging”

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Brad Hubbard (profile) says:

Ooh! Google Wave

They have rules against live-blogging, but not against using Google Wave. You want to really see them flip out…real time, character-by-character updates of a game, people discussing and interacting…

It’ll be the end of sports as we know it! People will share and collaborate as thought they were all in a stadium together, but without having to BE in a stadium! The horror.

lens42 (profile) says:

Re: Ooh! Google Wave

The “end of sports as we know it!”??? You’re kidding, right? It doesn’t matter what happens in this case. The more people blogging, tweeting, texting, whatevering about the NFL means more money in their pocket. The NFL is being stupid here for sure. The only way they lose is if people stop paying attention to football. In spite of their claims, they NEVER lose if people “steal” their content. No one bends over to get fleeced like a football fan.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Isn’t there some other thing they’re calling it now because the NFL was cracking down on calling it “The Big Game”? I think so but I’m not sure.

They don’t really get that advertising oneself is something one typically pays for, rather than get paid for. Not sure why. Maybe it’s just a corporate thing?

ChurchHatesTucker (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

“It;s what you call the Super Bowl when you don’t want to pay the NFL for the right to say superbowl.”

Frak ’em.

I had a hinky lunch the other day, and I was super bowling every couple hours for the next day. Man, I don’t think I’d have super bowled like that if I had Swine Flu. Must have been some kind of food poisoning to make me super bowl like that. I was nearly dehydrated from all that super bowling.

Good thing I had some Gatorade(tm) at hand.

fogbugzd (profile) says:

No Win

It looks to me like the NFL is in a no-win situation on this. They either have to back down or try to shut this guy down. If they try to shut him down it may work because of the cost of defending himself, but he would be replaced by a hundred others who do it just to make a point.

And after all, what is the damage to the NFL? It builds interest in the game. It build community. They might argue that it will hurt the broadcast revenue, but this type of presentation is so different from a broadcast that I doubt it is actually competition.

Yogi says:

I knew it

This is what comes from letting people watch football games on their TV without proper licensing.

Only personnel authorized by the NFL, who have signed a legal contract with the NFL, and took the NFL Oath of Silence may attend in person or watch games at home.

That way we will finally be rid of all the communist parasites who are ruining American Football as we know it, the people who are willfully destroying one of the pillars of American Economy, sending millions into unemployment and, eventually, prostitution and drug dealing and other crimes.
All because of live blogging, a vile practice that, with the proper federal legislation and enforcement in place, could have been avoided.

I implore you, fellow TechDirtians, to do the right thing: do not watch American Football or talk about it unless you have been vetted and licensed by the proper NFL authorities.

Please join me in a prayer for the continued well-being of the NFL, America and Apple Pie.

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