Patent Troll Tracker Case Settled… So When Can Frenkel Start Blogging Again?

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We’d already noted that it seemed like an uphill battle for the lawyers in Eastern Texas to prove defamation claims against the “Patent Troll Tracker” Rick Frenkel, and last night the judge chose the high bar of an “actual malice” standard to determine if Frenkel was guilty of defamation. With such a high standard, it seemed exceedingly unlikely that the plaintiffs could win a case, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the two sides agreed to settle the case before it went to the jury. While no one knows the details of the settlement, Frenkel and Cisco issued an “apology,” and I’d guess not much more, if anything.

But, really, all that’s besides the point. The real question is whether or not this means Frenkel will start blogging again. Some of his statements in the past (and having to go through this entire ridiculous process) suggest that he may not blog again. However, I’m hopeful that he’ll get back to it, though obviously not anonymously any more. His work in highlighting some of the more nefarious actions of patent system abusers is still sorely missed.

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Comments on “Patent Troll Tracker Case Settled… So When Can Frenkel Start Blogging Again?”

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Pjerky (profile) says:

I have a dream...

Where childish lawsuits (lawsuits against those that attack those that tell the truth) are dismissed automatically. In this dream those that file said lawsuits are then imprisoned for a year on their first offense, just to make them think about it. On the second offense they get 5 years, then 10, then 20. Then people may actually reconsider filing frivolous lawsuits. Aahh, but tis a dream!

Anonymous Coward says:

Hmmm…that is why people came up with TOR so people could criticize others without fear of retaliation. Laws are good but they are not perfect and some are almost criminal and that is why anonymity is embedded in the constitution of the U.S. as a right. It is one of the foundations to a healthy democracy.

TOR is so good these days that you wouldn’t notice all that difference from normal browsing if you just used to post to forums and not use google maps or anything intensive.

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