Prison Guards Suing For The Right To Bitch About Their Bosses In Private Online Forums

from the unfair-discipline dept

A group of five prison guards in Australia wanted to bitch about their boss… and did so in a private group on Facebook. Yet, somehow, their superiors found out about it and accused them of misconduct and threatened to have the guards fired. In response, the guards are suing, and saying they should have a right to speak their mind on a private message board like that. As a union official notes: “It’s more like people getting together in a pub and having a beer and bagging the boss because the boss wants to privatize their jobs.” Indeed. Though, it seems like these sorts of things are becoming more common. As the entire work/life dividing line continues to blur, expect many more such situations, where things that were previously considered safely on the “life” side of the line, suddenly find themselves thrust into the “work” side.

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Comments on “Prison Guards Suing For The Right To Bitch About Their Bosses In Private Online Forums”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:



You can alter Facebook’s setting so only your friend and read cretin posting, beside the Government of Australia is not a business, they should allow worker and citizens to speak their mind.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

and in there lies the problem, Idiots like you that don’t know what your talking about, I can get into every single facebook site out there. It isn’t all that hard really. And if you think it is private, then how did they find out.



Go back to school for reality and get out of your fantasy world where you think that what you put on the WWW is private.


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Alright genius, two points:

1) Explain how you can legally access a private page on Facebook.

2) Explain how, if it’s not a legal method, it won’t get either thrown out of court or get the person who uses said private information arrested for felony access to a computer system.

A subpoena from the appropriate court will do the trick nicely.

Free Capitalist (profile) says:

It does seem pretty easy to eavesdrop on Facebook, but to me this is non-sequitur to the topic introduced here.

I’m generally supportive of the “employment at-will” practice, and supportive of employers being able to hire/fire for most any reason they deem necessary. In general.

However, “employment at-will” does not correlate 100% to the legal environment here in the U.S. or (as I indirectly understand) in Austrailia.

Every boss SHOULD know there are potential liabilities for certain kinds of conduct in disciplining employees.

In the case from the article, this particular “boss” is so monumentally stupid, he actually called out this group “bitch session” as the reason for bringing disciplinary action.

In light of the expressed ignorance of this “boss” and the company who allowed him into that position, I wholeheartedly support the full litigation of the colon they are about to receive.

Anonymous Coward says:

I think this is part of a much larger and mouch more interesting question than “How to hack Facebook and use Caps Lock”.

Libel and Slander laws are undergoing a huge shake up in the US and other countries due to the move away from written word is actionable because publishing was so expensive as to be only the realm of the newpaper and professional publisher. Now we are ina world were publishing your thoughts is the equivalant of spoken unoffical speech because anyone can do it. However the laws still hold that things published can be grounds for libel… so what is free speech now when it’s published for the world to read?

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