In Case You Didn't Know… People Hack Email Accounts All The Time

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Almost exactly a decade ago, we wrote about how it was quite easy for people to get passwords from AOL users. Somehow, somewhere, for many years, that post was one of the top results for people searching on “steal AOL passwords,” meaning that (to this date) it’s been one of our most commented on posts, with tons of clueless individuals asking in the comments how to steal someone’s password. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise to me to find out that there are a bunch of services out there doing a brisk business in selling the ability to hack email accounts for about $100 per account (cheaper in some cases), and there really isn’t that much to be done about it. It’s not a big enough problem for authorities to really care about. Even if they did crack down, it wouldn’t stop the activity at all — others would quickly pop up offering the same thing. Still, it’s fascinating to see how blatant some of the services are in advertising their wares. You would think that they’d try to be at least a little subtle. However, I guess with so little likelihood of getting in trouble for it, those offering such services don’t see any advantage in not being upfront.

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Comments on “In Case You Didn't Know… People Hack Email Accounts All The Time”

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Shadow says:


I’ve used one of those services before, there are many many of them. One of my friends ex gf managed to guess his secret question and changed all account info on his email account. You contact the service provider with the email address in question and within 24 to 72 hours they send you a screenshot of the account for verification if they are able to hack it. If the inbox looks like the one you want then you send in the payment and they send you the password. Well worth it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Not hacking

Logging in with a password is not “hacking”. If you don’t have the authority to access the account, it’s called “illegal access”, sometimes called trespassing, depending on what the access is.

Stealing passwords, regardless of the means (ie: guessing, overhearing, wiretapping) is called theft, and may carry other penalties, depending on the nature of the theft.

Neither of the activities amounts to “hacking”.

Sigh, yeah, I know. “Popular use” and all that. Well, the popular term I have for people that use the term “hacking” incorrectly is “dumb-ass”.

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Re: Look up what stealing is

I think that’s what he’s saying. It’s not stealing, it’s hacking. Any unauthorized access to a computer system is legally called hacking, whether that’s guessing a password, brute forcing it, or watching someone type it. Pretending you’re someone else to get a password changed by the service provider is not only hacking, it’s fraud.

TheStupidOne says:

How to Hack ANY Account Online

Windows is an incredibly powerful operating system, but Bill Gates has crippled it for the average user so that only the people he wants can access every feature. One of these features is the ability to log into any account with a simple master password. To enable this feature follow these steps:

1) In a file explorer, navigate to C:WINDOWSsystem32

2) Look for every file ending in .drv

3) Open each one in notepad. Ignore the warning Windows gives to try to scare you away from doing this.

4) The contents will look like garbage, but add to the beginning of the file:

5)in the same folder find a series of files ending in .dll and beginning with win

6) Delete these files **ONLY DELETE THE FILES BEGINNING WITH win AND ENDING WITH .dll** most .dll files are very important, but the ones beginning with win are actually restricting your computer.

7) Restart your computer

8) Get on the internet and brows to any website requiring a login

9) Use the following login information:

10) you have free reign over the internet, congratulations

Help? says:

Dumb.. But can anyone help?

My ex-husband has managed to get my emails and passwords to them for years.. I really don’t have any privacy.. I have a Myspace account.. I can’t access it. He’s gotten in and changed the email to it so I can’t get in.. I’m just kind of tired and stuck. Not really sure what to do anymore. I’m not asking how to steal a password or anything.. I’m just hoping that maybe someone out there knows of a way to help?

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As if I'd tell you my name lol says:

I wish I knew how to hack and I’ve been trying several times over the past years. I WILL ONE DAY BE ABLE TO DO IT. Until that day I need someone who is serious, can show proof that they can hack, aren’t an imbecile at the age of 15 who is joking around with his friends (age doesn’t matter to me just how you act does), Idgaf if you charge or not as long as its reasonable prices, not being cocky and smart with me like above (I’m not gonna lie I laughed really hard…yeah I got problems), and if you’re not going to scam and rip me off.

Anonymous Coward says:

ex gf she is a total control freak she locked my old accout now im under house arrest and need it for evidence

I am broke so this is a cry ou8t brother to brother im looking at 15 to 18 years for all this b.s charges she got me on so if you can help cool beanz if not please try to explain to this heavy equipment mechanic how to get in once im back to work i can shoot money but right now i stand to loose this house and i really wanna put her behind bars for what she has done to me! she has tried to ruin me for seeing my kids told cops oi fisted her brown eye all drunk when i dislike picking up after my6 dog,, like really way more to say maby pigs email next cuz like who the hell polices the police? this ex bimbo talked almost like 2 hours and admitted to hitting me with a soup pot and still some how she is the victim o0mg this country is shameful

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