Apple Approves Spotify App… Spotify Should Thank Google

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Just before the whole mess — including an FCC inquiry — of why Apple rejected Google voice on the iPhone, we were among those who wondered if Apple would approve Spotify, the well-hyped (perhaps over-hyped) music app that in many ways competes directly with iTunes. Well, it looks like Apple has approved the software, though Spotify is still only available in certain European countries (though there are promises of a North American launch later this year). You really have to wonder, though, how much of the approval was due to the mess and attention that Apple received following the rejection of Google Voice. It seems likely that the company is now (finally) a bit more sensitive to this issue, and may have decided that it didn’t need another PR headache… or to give any more fodder to the FCC. Spotify probably owes Google a nice bouquet of flowers.

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Comments on “Apple Approves Spotify App… Spotify Should Thank Google”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What Apple should do is just let people install whatever App they want. Not from the “App Store” that they run, but through the iTunes application. You download the app off the internet and use iTunes to get it on your phone. Sure, it means people may get viruses and malware or even brick their phone, but it will stop any complaints of “Apple rejected my app!” from having any validity.

After all, people can already jailbreak their phone and put those apps on, and this allows Apple to distance themselves from any app they don’t want to be associated with.

Freedom says:

Missing Forest for the Trees...

While I understand the core basis of the article it is missing the larger point that Apple shouldn’t control what a user does with their device.

By focusing on that fact that Google paved the way for a nicer Dictatorship or technically an Oligarchy at Apple would leave one to assume that the status-quo of Apple’s Business Model is “ok”.


Sarah Black says:

Re: Missing Forest for the Trees...

I am in much agreement with you.

Google’s Android phones have an option in their “Application Settings” screen that lets the owner of the phone check a box labeled, “Allow install of non-Market applications”, ie; “Unknown Sources”.

Although the option is first defaulted to “Off”, the owner can review any risks and turn that option “On”.

Because of Apple’s long history of doing so, I wonder if Apple doesn’t have an option similar to this because they are afraid of competition – possibly from a developer who might create a BETTER App Store or such?

Nick says:

Missing Forest for the Trees...

I own an iPhone and while I agree in part with you I think a dual solution would be best. You can choose to just download from the app store where you know they are not going to give you a virus etc… or you can download from the internet.

Not sure how the insurance company would deal with screwing your phone because you downloaded an app from the net and ignorred the risks… lets face it there are a great many people who still think the internet can spot that their computer has a virus on it and so end up installing malware / spyware to “fix” it and I would rather my insurance premuim does not increase because stupid people cannot be bothered / are not able to assess the risks and thusly break their phone!

Ben Robinson (profile) says:

Smart Move

Whether on purpose or not this is a pretty smart move for Apple. The availability of this app makes the iPhone even more attractive. I have previously stayed away from the jesuphone becuase i am not comfortable with Apple’s control freakery and the slowness with which basic feature like cut and paste and mms have been added. Now that the spotify app is available i have reconsidered my position and i am now very tempted by the iPhone.

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