Moby Explains RIAA Mindset: Please Make The Future Die

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It’s a bit of an odd pairing, but musician Moby was recently interviewed by Walt Mossberg, and among other things they discussed issues like file sharing and the RIAA’s strategy. Moby, of course, has complained about the RIAA’s strategy in the past, calling for it to be disbanded following the Jammie Thomas verdict. He’s also found success experimenting with giving away his music, so his positions probably don’t come as a surprise. He says he has no problem with people downloading his music (though he likes it when they buy it as well), as he’s “honored” that people want to listen to his music, and if they download an unauthorized copy: “more power to you.” On the RIAA, he can’t understand why they’re doing something that so clearly alienates fans, but then does a pretty good job explaining why, noting that the current business model of major labels:

“underpins the failure of major labels–they think, it used to be this way, so it ought to be this way.” Their ethos is, “Please go away. Make the future die.”

Not much new, but the quote is definitely a succinct way of explaining the position held by some at the major record labels over the past decade. Rather than deal with reality, they just want it to go away.

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Comments on “Moby Explains RIAA Mindset: Please Make The Future Die”

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Marcus Carab (profile) says:

Re: Re:

If I recall correctly, Moby had an incredibly hard time launching his career until he went out and marketed his music for commercial purposes. He’s had plenty of help along the way but he’s a fairly self-made musician who identified an untapped market and tapped the hell out of it (remember when ever third commercial on TV had a Moby song in the background?)

Anonymous Coward says:

Moby is one of the most ethically responsible artists I have heard about in recent years. As an example, a couple years ago he was approached to have one of his songs in a car ad. He repeatedly refused. Later he realized that the best way to combat what he saw as problems with the automobile industry was to license the song to them then contribute the money he earned to anti auto industry groups. I don’t agree with all of his politics, but I have a great deal of respect for how responsibly he supports them.

Based on this behavior I don’t think your accusation is fair. He has shown he backs up his beliefs with actions. Know who you’re talking about next time you feel like chiming in.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Ethically Responsible?

Moby, like many “artists” is pretty much there for the cash. He is there to be cool. Being cool right now is dissing the RIAA and the like. But in the end, Moby lives his very comfortable life of artist leisure exactly because of groups like the RIAA, copyright, and all those other things.

Nothing like being two faced.

Robert Fisher (user link) says:

I never could understand why the RIAA did not embrace the movement instead of fighting it. I am sure they did a business analysis to see which would pay them more. I think their analysis was wrong and they should make all of their music available for download. I personally don’t like CDs because it is usually 13/14% crap. And the RIAA knows this!

PeterG says:

RIAA type groups of entrenched industry reactives, merely fight any change, they don’t engage in long term thinking.

Content industry fought to stop tape recorders and VCRs like they would be Armageddon. Luckily they lost and then made ridiculous amounts of money selling media for these devices.

They can’t even be trusted to act in thier own best interest, let alone ours.

WammerJammer (profile) says:


And I quote ‘Rather than deal with reality, they just want it to go away.’ Well this is one customer that went away. I only buy indie anymore. They don’t know who the royalties go to anyway. No Radio Stations submit Play lists with their royalty payments. BMI, ASCAP and SESAC have no idea who is owed what? So Screw them I don’t have to buy their product.

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