Murdoch Now Demanding Names Of Kindle Subscribers

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Fresh off vague and undefined plans to put up a paywall on various news sites, it seems that Murdoch’s latest misguided target for digital angst is Amazon. ikonoclasm alerts us to the news that Murdoch is angry and threatening to remove all News Corp. material from the kindle unless Amazon is willing to hand over subscriber names and info to News Corp., despite having just negotiated a larger share of revenue. Of course, the subscribers themselves might actually like the fact that Amazon isn’t handing out their user info. Either way, it seems like Murdoch is suddenly hellbent on making it more difficult to read any of his content digitally.

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Comments on “Murdoch Now Demanding Names Of Kindle Subscribers”

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giafly says:

Unfortunately Murdoch refused to comment on allegations of wide-spread telephone hacking by News International minions in the UK (two of them are in prison but it’s alleged this was just the tip of the iceberg). So why does he think people should trust News Corp with their data?

Anonymous Coward says:

I heard it has free 3g and a basic browser, is it worth picking up to be able to get stock quotes and trade with or is the browser too limited to allow that kind of activity? My data plan is sucking all the $$ out of my profits! How long before everyong is trying to charge for access to their sites? They have been threatening this since the interwebs began!

Anonymous Coward says:

It’s always nice to know when the Library turns over it’s borrowing records too!

If Murdoch is really this paranoid about who is borrowing/renting his stories, he should have just envoked the Patriot Act. Surely something is buried in that mess of an act that can be twisted and maligned to ensure rental of news, and take ensure it can disappear when it’s accomplished it’s purpose.

Sorry, but facts don’t cease to exist when you ignore them, or use DRM to erase them.

Murdoch Street Tabloids are no more than commentary designed to influence opinion and have a terribly short shelflife. It’s not reporting. Those that think it is are terribly wrong.

Allen Harkleroad (user link) says:


What a F***ing Idiot Murdock is, if I were the CEO of Amazon I would laugh and tell Murdock to get bent. His paywall idea is going to blow up in his face. It isn’t so much the 5% rule as it is his thinking he can say you will pay. People will go elsewhere for their news, he doesn’t own all of the news and once again I say Murdock is an idiot to think he can have his cake and eat it too.

Steve R. (profile) says:

Again the Consumer is Irrelevent

It is the consumer who purchases products that keeps a product alive. Yet again we apparently have another case where two companies begin squabbling and may eventually reach a decision where they “win” at the expense of the consumer, who one day turns on their Kindle only to find the friendly greeting that they now have now been invited to spend more for content that they had previously purchased or plan to purchase.

If the consumer doesn’t like this autocratic and unilateral change of service, too bad – you just lost your investment in the Kindle and its content.

Mike Lukianoff (profile) says:

Encouraging development for real journalism!

I can’t imagine many things that could be better for improving integrity in journalism than Rupert restricting his content to only paid subscribers. If Ruperts statements are indicative of News Corp’s long term strategy, then there may be hope for the future of real journalism afterall. Tight DRM controls will be the end of those content providers – not a return to the good old days of being paid handsomely for espousing political philosophy under the guise of ‘journalism’.

Anonymous Coward says:

Not for my school

I am on a committee at my University looking at ebook readers. Administrators think the Kindle is the key to the future. Some of us minions have been working to disabuse them of that notion. Amazon has helped us at every turn. We take every story about people getting cut off from their books for arbitrary reasons to committee meetings.

The Buckley Amendment and privacy issues are one issue that makes all university administrators sweat blood. If Amazon does turn over names I think we will be able to get our administrators to take Kindle off the table at our school.

Viatcheslav I Sobol says:


Amazon is not some small retail outlet that is not capable of mounting a very efficient legal defense strategy and is not about to roll over and cough up whatever is demanded by the “news”Corp. He and his propaganda media are utter garbage. Although, the WSJ has been somewhat of an exception regarding the accuracy of my statement. His corporation is probably not going to return to profitability in his lifetime anyway.

mark says:

On the other hand...

I am no fan of Rupert Murdoch, but is he really asking for something so unreasonable? He wants to know the names of people who subscribe to his publication via the Kindle. He probably has access to the names of everyone else who arranges in advance to receive the publication on a regular basis. At a minimum I would call this a gray area. If he isn’t already doing so, he should work toowards a pricing model where you get a discount for “subscribing” rather than purchasing individual, unknown-to-Murdoch copies.

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