Will Apple Allow Spotify On The iPhone?

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Having used Spotify a bit, I can definitely see how some people think it could potentially replace iTunes completely. It basically acts like an iTunes that has access to millions of songs at no additional cost (and, yes, it’s all licensed and legal). The songs are streamed, but you almost never notice it. It really does feel just like iTunes, while also having “Pandora-like” features for creating specialized stations or sharing others’ playlists. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK for now, though the rumor is it will be available in the US before the end of the year. However, where things could get really impressive is with Spotify’s mobile app. For a few months, there’s been a YouTube video of Spotify Mobile on Android:

The demo highlights the fact that you can sync any playlist for “offline” play, solving the biggest question about weak mobile signals on the go, or how you use it on a plane or somewhere without wireless access. With offline syncing, it’s basically everything that an iPod can do — with access to 6 million songs without having to pay for each individual song. But, of course, Android is still a limited platform. The big fish these days is the iPhone App Store, and Spotify has now submitted an iPhone app for approval, which raises all sorts of questions. With Apple’s history of rather arbitrary rejections — including ones for things Apple has deemed “competitive” — will it block Spotify as a rather direct competitor to iTunes? That would be very unfortunate, and again demonstrate the risk of a closed platform.

That said, the initial reviews of the iPhone app seem quite strong. Eliot Van Buskirk at Wired loves the syncing feature, and warns that “you’d have to pry it out of my cold, dead iPhone before I’ll delete it from my phone.” Meanwhile Music Ally points out that Spotify has uploaded a video of the iPhone app as well:

It really does look pretty slick. So now the ball’s in Apple’s court. I have no idea if Spotify can survive as a business (and I suspect that the royalty rates the music industry wants will make that difficult), but it is great to see more innovation in the space. Now we get to see how Apple feels about that sort of innovation.

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Comments on “Will Apple Allow Spotify On The iPhone?”

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Michael Witt (profile) says:

Re: If it's available for android, Apple will follow suit

Are you just stupid? Apple makes its money from both selling phones and iTunes. While ITMS was made profitable by the advent of the iPod, ITMS is far more profitable than selling the phones. Remember that ITMS did multiple billions of dollars worth of sales last year, and Apple gets a non-trivial cut of that revenue, AND operating costs are fairly low.

I don’t know if Apple will block the app or not, seeing as Pandora made it through the certification process, but this has lots more access, and you can choose what song you want to listen to. I have to think they will block it for some BS reason.

Anonymous Coward says:

It will be interesting. Normally Apple would have shot this down immediately. They’ve shot down others for FAR LESS. If this gets by then it shows that Android is helping the market evolve by breaking down these closed gardens. If Apple doesn’t let it through it shows Android is the more flexible and diverse platform.

Harry Jones says:

Apple should allow the app as Spotify is (currently) only UK based – I think. iTunes is pretty much global.

Apple can release their own version of Spotify through iTunes should it suit them later on.

As mentioned by the post above Spotify needs to be OKed by the RIAA among others in the US so I don’t see it being launched there as a given.

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