Special One Week Only CwF+RtB Offer… Plus International Sales

from the going-strong... dept

Last week we announced our fun CwF + RtB experiment, offering up lots of cool options for people to purchase, if they found them worth it. We’ve had a tremendous response so far, and we’ve definitely got some more exciting things coming up, but we’ll start today with two announcements concerning the offerings:

First, we’re thrilled that we can now offer up international sales on all hard goods items as well (previously, it was limited only to domestic sales for the hardgoods). There were a few issues that needed to be worked out to do that, but we’ve now figured out most of the legal details that made it such a pain and can now accept orders and ship to most places around the globe. We’ve received plenty of requests from outside the US asking us when this would happen — and the answer is now: so check it out.

Second, we’re offering up a special promotion for this week only:

If you order both the Techdirt Music Club and the Techdirt Book Club between now and midnight PT, August 3rd (one week from today), we’ll throw in either a free Techdirt Hoodie, or, if you happen to be local to the Bay Area — a lunch with me (obviously, you’re responsible for getting yourself to the lunch). If you’ve already bought one of the two packages, to qualify, you just need to buy the other (for yourself, or a friend!) and you’ll qualify as well.

The book club and the music club are really quite wonderful offerings. The music club has some great stuff not available anywhere else — including a unique, one-of-a-kind notebook that Jill Sobule will personalize for you (by hand) by writing out some lyrics and some doodles on the first few pages, along with a copy of her latest CD. You’ll get the Who Killed Amanda Palmer book signed by both Amanda and Neil Gaiman and the Who Killed Amanda Palmer CD. You get the very cool (you have to see it to believe it) Moto Boy music box, and a signed copy of the For Martha CD, and then a special customized — for the Techdirt crowd only — signed CD from Joe Pug, that includes both tracks from his Nation of Heat CD, as well as special previously unreleased tracks.

The book club includes what I consider to be the four “must read” books this year, concerning the issues we talk about here on a regular basis. If you want to sound intelligent about these things, those are the four books to read — and in this case, each one will be signed by the author, which makes it a really special collection. On top of that, we’re including my Approaching Infinity book (signed by me). So, if you buy them both — this week only — you end up getting six books all signed by their authors, four CDs also signed by the musicians, a fantastic one-of-a-kind notebook by Jill Sobule, a beautiful wind up music box from Moto Boy and your choice of a Techdirt hoodie or a lunch with me (if you happen to be near where I am).

Once again — the addition of the free hoodie or lunch with me only lasts until midnight PT, August 3rd, though, of course, you can continue to buy the packages until we run out. Thanks so much for everyone who’s already participated. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response, which far exceeded our expectations, and we’re working on many more ideas for the future as well!

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Comments on “Special One Week Only CwF+RtB Offer… Plus International Sales”

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R. Miles (profile) says:

Neither "club" was interesting to me.

So purchasing both won’t be an option.

On a bit off topic: Any update to removing that annoying Crystal Ball option? Gah, it’s so freakin’ annoying.

Oh, and is TD going to tally how much was made after this run? Would be sweet to see a “This is how much we made on our ‘Free’ model, foos!” meter.

I’m curious, but will understand if this info remains privileged.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re: Results

Might I suggest, in the spirit of education, releasing whatever data you deem appropriate at regular intervals, say every quarter? I know some of these offers are only temporary, but I figured some of the basic stuff that doesn’t include books and physical product (other than the apparell) would be continous so long as it was profitable.

That way we can get an idea of how money flows beyond initial release and into the realm of word-of-mouth spread.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Need to re-order?

Those foreign folks who ordered last week or before, do they need to resubmit?

You mean the folks who couldn’t read the directions? 🙂 No, we’ve got you covered, I think. We thought that PayPal had allowed us to block int’l sales until we were ready, but a few of you snuck through anyway. I think it’s fine, but we’ll contact you if there are any issues…

sondatch (profile) says:

got me twice

Got the $15 option last week just to show as much support as I could, and now that you’re shipping to Canada I’ll grab the hoodie option. My reasoning: I’ve enjoyed Techdirt for years – free – and feel great about giving something back. Getting a hoodie and your book is just gravy.

Feedback: Would’ve gotten the book option but the impetuousness wore off.

Anonymous Coward says:

To be honest...

Everything from $1,000 to $100,000 is absolutely worthless.

And the hundred million for getting rid of you for a year…

…worth it, but unfortunately I know of no individuals who could+would pay that much, and I think you give yourself too much credit thinking any corporation you dis thinks silencing you is worth that much.

Perhaps it would be fair and on point to supporting free models if you went away for a year if the total $ earned reaches that number.

You can think I’m being hostile, but aren’t I right? Thinking some single party would pay that much is arrogant, as are most of your write-ups. But, proving you can make that much from your business model is thoroughly, and enjoyably, a 1-up and a game, set, and match to the people dedicated to the opposite of everything you’re dedicated to.

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