Slap Chop Remix Being Used As A Real TV Ad

from the fantastic dept

Back in May, we wrote about the amazing remixed autotuned “rap remix” of the infamous Slap Chop infomercial. In the post, we noted that the ad was almost certainly infringing on basic copyright, but it was actually doing an amazing job attracting more attention to the product. It’s much more entertaining than the original ad itself. And, amazingly, it looks like the folks behind Slap Chop (no slouches when it comes to recognizing viral ways to get their message out to the world) have embraced the remix. Details are minimal, but Lee points us to the news that the remix is going to start airing on TV as a real commercial for the Slap Chop:

Once again, it’s great to see the convergence of a few different things we talk about here, including how advertising is content and content is advertising, along with a better way to respond to “infringement,” by recognizing how you can take advantage of it, rather than breaking out the lawyers and threatening to sue.

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Comments on “Slap Chop Remix Being Used As A Real TV Ad”

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MattP says:

Re: Uh Huh

There will always be unintended uses for products showing up. The advantage is that unless they made a video using mice ‘awesome’ so that people want to watch it then it will fall into the vast pit of obscurity and be forgotten.

For some reason your post makes me think of the Bass-o-Matic Saturday Night skit where the whole premise is that they’re blending Bass into a drink. Completely gross, absolutely hilarious, and in no way altered my decision to buy my last blender.

Richard Altman says:

if they can provide

and make public the increase in revenue this is the kind of stuff those automatons programmed to litigate like its 1999 and earlier need to see to maybe at least say “you know, …” ease up on the laws of copyright infringement with fair use, cause it may make them money to do so. (psst…we all know it would, and probably some of us who bother to make these creatively warped sketches as well)

yogi says:


The guy that made this remix is a genius.

I found it riveting – I actually watched it until the end and then went to see the (boring, sleep-inducing) original.

This is the first commercial I’ve watched in ages.

The only thing is – how do I get it to stop from running over and over in my head?

If i buy a slapchop, will the music stop? I guess I’ll buy a slapchop.slapchop chopslap. must have chapslop slopchap.chipchapslop. whatever.

Swiggy (profile) says:

Slap Chop Remix

It’s amazing how easy it is to put an unauthorized commercial together: and how willing corporations, if not embracing them outright, turn a blind eye to what you do, as long as you don’t really trash their product.

In the mid-90’s, I operated a website called the Church of SPAM. The good people at Hormel® never bothered me because I only sang praises of SPAM®, while trouncing rival, ripoff product Treet®. At the same time they were shutting down other sites that used their name inappropriately, I was left alone.

For the last year, I’ve had a video on YouTube that concerns Burger King.

Again, not only no comment from Burger King, but I’ve had folks suggest I should do commercials for them.

You be the judge.

Anonymous Coward says:

Using this remix isn’t exactly rocket science, it’s a cute remix that people will enjoy (to some point).

The reason they embrace it? They have NOTHING to lose. There is no lost sales of the original commercial (nobody was buying the ad, just the product), and the remix helps to extend the ad and make more sales (the intent).

Not exactly the music industry, is it? The object in music is to sell music, not a third product. So there is no easy way to link this to music unless you first assume that nobody is buying music.

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