Once Again, Before Sending A DMCA Takedown, It Helps To Actually Own The Content

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Jason points us to the news that, once again, someone who doesn’t own the copyright to something has sent a DMCA takedown on a YouTube video. The link doesn’t fully explain the situation, which is explained in the following video:

But, basically, someone used a video to respond to a guy from the Discovery Institute concerning a recent appearance he made on Fox News. The Fox News video is Fox’s copyright. Yet, the Discovery Institute sent the takedown notice. Furthermore, the use of the video (even if Fox had sent the takedown) is almost certainly fair use. It was used for commentary in a non-commercial manner. The last time something like this happened (quite similar, actually) the EFF got involved, and forced the false DMCA issuer to rescind the DMCA notices, take a copyright law course and issue a public video apology.

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Comments on “Once Again, Before Sending A DMCA Takedown, It Helps To Actually Own The Content”

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interval says:

Re: Re:

@Bettawrekonize: “…and I have often criticized evolutionists for censoring criticisms and opposing views in classrooms…”

1) Private parties can’t “censor” anyone, only authoritative bodies. Classmates by definition can’t “censor” you.

2) The usual problem evolutionists have with creationists (I won’t honor ID by naming it) is that creationists re-write the rules of the game and then declare themselves winners, without actually going through the process of observation and repartition, ie, the empirical method, successfully used to explore and explain all the other sciences. Its as if we two were playing chess and then all of a sudden you started playing checkers and declared yourself the winner by jumping all my chess pieces.

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