Local Version Of China's Great Firewall Now Required On All PCs In China

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There have been plenty of stories on the inner workings of China’s “Great Firewall,” whereby various ISPs are threatened with liability if they don’t block “bad stuff.” Yet, it’s all been done at the ISP level. Apparently, that’s about to change. A report is making the rounds that, as of July 1st, all PCs sold in China will be required to have client-side censorship software. You have to wonder if the censorship software also includes spying software…. Either way, you have to imagine it won’t take long at all for people to figure out how to disable such software.

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Comments on “Local Version Of China's Great Firewall Now Required On All PCs In China”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Might not be that easy

The tech people for the Chinese government are probably not idiots who would make it possible to simply install a new OS and get rid of the software. If you don’t have the software installed, your ISP’s routers probably won’t event talk to you.

Basically, this would DRM everything sent over the Internet. Someone will figure out how to get around it, but it probably won’t be as easy as going to “Add/Remove Programs” or installing a Linux distro.

Zaphod (profile) says:

If only they would block the real bad stuff...

If only this firewall, were a real firewall, and could block all the botnets that are flinging spam out of China.

But those run on server farms, and probably with the government’s blessings due to the funds they generate.

Wonder if they will realize that any .php equipped server farm can become a proxy server in minutes, and that they had better keep an eye on those too.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep blocking all of China and Korea from my website, it’s only a couple hundred IP ranges.

Freedom says:

Starts as an Add-On...

This will start as an add-on and before you know it, it will be required for Microsoft to sell its OS in China that it be bundled in at the Kernel level. I wouldn’t doubt if they also start using some sort of Smart Card in combination with it.

It is all about control and if you control the core network, you can control what people are doing on it.

Let’s hope this is a wake up call that we need to preserve and prevent this crap from happening here – before we hear how it will protect the children!


Garry says:

Either way, you have to imagine it won’t take long at all for people to figure out how to disable such software.

Having a firewall at access level and a filtering program at local would make it very easy to detect who is using the software and who is not. This could lead to authorities investigating and probably ending up prosecuting the people not using the software for some reason or another.

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