Police Blame Video Games For 2-Year-Old Stabbing 5-Month-Old

from the evidence? dept

It seems that whenever there’s any kind of violence involving kids, someone rushes to blame video games. Steve L points us to the latest such case, where it’s taken to something of an extreme. Apparently a 2-year-old boy stabbed his 5-month-old brother with a knife. It sounds like he didn’t do much damage, but police immediately claimed that violent video games owned by a much older teenaged brother “may have played a role.” The only problem? The 2-year-old neither plays the games nor watches his older brother playing them. But, why not blame the video games?

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Comments on “Police Blame Video Games For 2-Year-Old Stabbing 5-Month-Old”

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nelsoncruz (profile) says:

Re: Re: Before video-games

Avatar28, good for you. But don’t exaggerate either. The eskimos teach their children how to use a knife around the age of 10 I think (its a very important tool in their culture). But your kids seem to know WHY knives are dangerous, which is good. If you simply take away or hide from them every sharp thing around, they are just going to stab themselves the first chance they get. It’s the difference between teaching and overprotecting.

Of course that, for a 2 year old, that picks everything up and starts trashing about… dumbass parents for leaving a knife within reach!

slimcat (profile) says:

Re: Before video-games

Didn’t anything like that happen BEFORE there where video-games??? What was to blame then? TV? Books?

Yes! In the late ’40s, I became a knife wielding assailant at the age of three or four with the encouragement of older neighborhood kids. Using a tiny folding knife which you could get in a penny gum-ball machine at the time, given me by the conspirators, I attacked the hood bully, stabbing him in the left biceps. I doubt I held anything that could be considered malice toward this individual and you’d probably have to chalk the attack up to peer pressure of sorts though I wasn’t old enough to understand the concept. Got a stern talking to from Mom and Dad and was grounded for several days, as I recall. Imagine how knives in gum-ball machines would go over today.

Eponymous Coward, AKA Doug (profile) says:

Re: Re: Before video-games

Forget knives in gumball machines, the mere thought of a knife within 10 yards of a child these days is grounds for a complete lockdown of any public facility.

There are two things at work here, as I see it. First, the kid was 2. Set aside all talk of consequential awareness and long-term memory for a moment, and consider fine motor skills in children. If you’ve ever seen a toddler with a crayon, you know that when they draw, their hand movements when holding an implement are very jerky and could easily be termed “stabbing motions”. Movements toward their bodies are smoother, such as feeding themselves, but still nowhere within the arena of precise. Movements away from them, or toward another person/object, are pretty sketchy, as they don’t have the experience or muscle memory to gauge the depth and use implements with much finesse. I think it’s a great stretch to imagine any malice on the part of the child, rather than to say that this kid had a sharp object and probably didn’t have the muscle control to move it delicately or precisely. I’d wager that a pencil could have done similar damage, and would not have garnered the comments about video games.

Second, you have a society that likes to blame and sensationalize, and forgets that kids get in trouble all the time without the help of external influences. I’m not all that old, but I recall that cuts, bruises, and stitches were fairly common when I was young, and no one called the police and the newspaper when my brothers and I threw stones at each other and I ended up with a cut on my forehead. Surely no one blamed Ikari Warriors and immediately associated our skirmish as mimicking grenade-tossing insurgents.

I remember the coolest kid in my grade school. He showed up nearly every week with a new minor injury and a new story to tell about how he got it. Once upon a time we allowed children to play, and to play rough. It taught them that sharp things cut, that flaming things burn, and a host of other lessons. I sure as hell miss those days.

Jeremy from Seattle says:


I highly doubt the 2 year old had the cognitive reasoning skills to find a knife, think, “Hey, I’ve seen this before; mybe I’ll go over to my brother and stab him.” or even, “Hey, this little shit is taking mommy and daddy’s attention away from me, I think I’ll go find a knife and stab him.”

He was probably banging around like 2 year olds are wont to do and his retard parents left a knife out.

mommacita1984 says:

Re: Really?

You said it, word for word what i was about to say, and you are right, people blame videos games for our childrens violence. but my question is this, when i was younger we really didnt have any video games and if we did it was some kind of mario brothers. But what we did have were the looney tunes for television, and i do believe that that coyoto and roadrunner were a little bit on the hostile side. blowing each other up or setting each other on fire, one was always trying to hurt the other, dropping pianos on peoples heads. I mean come on people were there children back then that actually went to acme bought a bomb and blew up our siblings? all due to that cartoon??? anyway I hope everyone see’s my point. its all in how you raise your kids, teaching them right from wrong, and that weapons are dangerous even if they see them on tv, THAT IS PRETEND!!!

Eponymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

I wouldn’t say that anyone is impressed, per se, by spelling nazis, but I would say that every time I read a comment with shite grammar and/or spelling, I wonder how the poster manages to remain gainfully employed.

This site maintains fairly intelligent discourse and commentary, and so jabs at your shortfallings are within the field of fair play. When you fail to properly compose your thoughts, it reflects poorly on the community. Bearing that in mind, I will ask that you proofread your comments. If you refuse, I will send a two year old to your house.

Tgeigs (profile) says:


Just to make sure I understand the issue correctly: A two year old — who’s cognitive capacity to make and retain permanent memories is EXTREMELY limited, btw — grabbed a knife, in some way did some kind of damage to his little brother with it, and….we’re blaming video games?

Again, to understand:

1. a 2 year old was allowed access to a knife sharp enough to be considered dangerous


2. a 2 year old and 5 month old were under so little supervision that the 2 year old was allowed to do any kind of stabbing with this knife that he had access to


3. we’re blaming video games.

….I’m fucking speechless.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Er?

Really, than why does my 2.5 year old remember that using a chair can help her gain access to the counter top. She wants access to the counter top because she remembers that that is where the M&Ms are.

It is ridiculous to blame a video game but it should be questioned where the toddler learned to stab.

Rob (profile) says:

I keep thinking that there is no way the public discourse in this country could descend any further into the realms of inanity and then I see this… Seriously, a 2 year old has access to a knife and they blame VIDEO GAMES for the inevitable stabbing that ensues? Have these cops ever spent any time around a two year old before? If you let a two year old child get a hold of a knife, someone is gonna get stabbed, the child has nowhere near the mental faculties to understand the implications of such things and needs no outside influence to misuse them. His parents need to be locked up on criminal negligence charges.

Anonymous Coward says:

More of the same, never ending, evidence that cops are dumb. Most cops seem to be uneducated assholes with something to prove. Nothing surprising here.

What qualifications do cops have to say what goes through the mind of a 2 year old? None.

Why should we give their conclusions any credit? We should not.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Knife

Off topic but it’s just like record companies should not be able to sue google because one of their users uploaded copyright material. Just like someone shouldn’t sue a car company because someone intentionally used a car as a weapon. You sue the person who committed the crime, not the manufacturer of the vehicle they used to commit the crime.

aguywhoneedstenbucks says:

So instead of bitching here where we have (a few) reasonable people, why not go bitch at the police department with your well thought out ideas and make a big deal out of it. A huge deal. Get it all over the internet. SHAME THE BASTARDS so that they think before they do it next time….shame is a fantastic teacher.

And while you’re at it, make it so that they are shamed in such a way that other PDs see it and realize that they’ll be shamed if they try to pull some asinine asshattery like this as well.

Edgar Allen Poo says:

Video Games are EVIL!!!!!

My question is, how did the 2 year old get the knife in the first place? Why should the parents be responsible, when it’s obvious that the video game left the knife where the child could reach it. It’s so obvious.
Video Games are the cause of any violent behavior, and should be taken into the street and burned. Every last one of them.
Then and only then will our children be completely SAFE.

Anonymous Coward says:

You’re all wrong.

The parents are good christians who love their children. They were all playing a family friendly board game together in the front room (it was “family togetherness night”) when the 2 year old excused himself to go get a glass of water from the kitchen, where he obtained the knife.

Then, using advanced CQC techniques picked up from violent computer games, he fought his way through his parents as they desperately tried to stop him and mercilessly attacked his little brother.

So you can see, no blame can be assigned to the parents here. It is all the fault of violent video games. If only we had listened to Jack Thompson!

Yakko Warner says:

Of COURSE videogames are to blame!

They were in the house! Therefore, they were to blame! Their mere presence is enough to entice all occupants into fits of violent rage! The poor toddler was powerless to withstand the mind-controlling waves of violence emanating from the console! It’s osmosis, it’s a scientifically-proven principle. If you disagree with it, you disagree with SCIENCE!

Someone call FOX News. Get Jack Thompson as an expert witness.

dr (profile) says:


If a child has the mental capacity to plot some sort of violent act of revenge, why then did he not go to the kitchen to get the knife like everyone else?


If it is common practice for knives to be kept in the kitchen, what kind of person keeps knives at a computer desk with unattended kids?

Blame is no more the fault of the movie industry than it is the fault of the Police for not stopping the stabbing. It is the parents duty to ensure the safety of their children. That being said, accidents do happen, in the video everyone seems on the up and up. I’m just glad everyone is OK. Praise God!

Eponymous Coward says:


I think that the police should look at the movies this family owns as well as any video games. Why, just the other day I was contemplating the purchase of a new DVD for my 3 year old, and had to decide against “Dora and Diego Slice Some Punks Up in 3-D”

You’d be amazed at what they’re teaching these kids today.

Paul W says:

don't blame the game

There stupid to blame video games. I’m a father of 4 boys, and a gamer since the days of Pong. If the 2 yr. old was playing violent video games then blame the parents for allowing it. We have restrictions in my house as to what my kids can play, and we watch over them when they are playing or online. Parents need to own up to there responsibilities.

OldGeek says:

Think About It

Some of ya’ll really need to lay off the Starbucks. So here’s my two cents worth. Parents go out for awhile leaving “older teen brother” to watch the two little ones, older bro gets wrapped up in whatever game he’s playing and forgets about the little ones. Being an average teen he probably uses said knife for something and leaves it lay wherever he’s finished with it, along comes the two year old, sees nice shiny thing and goes for it. The rest is in the story.

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