Forget Video Games… Look At The Evil Influence Of The Board Game Monopoly

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While hardly a month goes by without yet another indignant opinion piece arguing about how video games are corrupting our youth, it seems that some are now exploring the moral panics around other sorts of children’s entertainment. Jedipunk points us to a brilliant tongue-in-cheek parody of all those anti-video game “think of the children” stories… but applying the same logic to the board game Monopoly.

For all the modern angst about violent computer games, this innocent-looking board game has probably had a more corrosive influence on western morals. For starters, Monopoly brazenly encourages players to plunder their savings and put every last penny into property…. Most pernicious of all Monopoly’s venal influences, however, is surely the Community Chest card that says, “Bank error in your favour, collect £200.” There’s no suggestion you should alert the bank to its mistake when you can buy a couple more houses and profit by some idjit’s error.

Indeed. Alert the politicians!

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Comments on “Forget Video Games… Look At The Evil Influence Of The Board Game Monopoly”

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_Ǻъsїήтħę_ says:

Re: Re: Re: Blog post issue

omg!! I never knew that either!!!

It’s truly amazing how we can repeatedly think “damn comment system, why does it work so simply and stupidly, why cant it be user friendly and show replies as replies!!” yet there’s a button right there in front of our noses that makes it do just that.

Which makes me wonder why on earth the ‘threaded’ view isn’t the default?!?

R. Miles says:

Heh. That's pretty cute.

Maybe Techdirt can forward this news item to idiotic, propaganda spreading rags like the New York Times, CNN, and Fox News and ask them to report on it.

But then again, they’ll just come back to say “But Monopoly never killed anyone like GTA has!”.

I think the fundamental idealism behind Monopoly is how U.S. businesses work.

Capitalism? Sure, once you use every means in your disposal to ruin the competition.

Oh, and reader… you just landed on Boardwalk with 1 hotel. That’ll be $2,000, please.

I do accept Paypal.

JGM says:

Wired magazine had an interesting article on board games last month — in particularly comparing Monopoly to German-style games. The article featured this quote from Derek Solko of

“Monopoly has you grinding your opponents into dust. It’s a very negative experience. It’s all about cackling when your opponent lands on your space and you get to take all their money.”

link to the article (hey, somebody tell me how to embed weblinks in comments):

zcat says:

Missing posts

Try holding the shift key when you click refresh, that often gets around caching problems.

Also some ISPs are just assholes and force everything to be cached even when it’s specifically marked not to cache. If you have a *NIX shell somewhere else, you can use ‘ssh -D 8080’ to create a proxy, then set your browser to use ‘localhost 8080’ as a socks5 proxy. That tunnels around whatever caching your ISP has set up.

Clevgeme (user link) says:

I Don't Know, I think videogames are wrost than Monopoly

Monopoly has an evil influence?
What about videogames full of crimanl violence?
Monopoly can be a property oriented game, but also can teach something about business and commercial trasactions, in such videogames the player can kill other people, make robberies, and steal cars.
what kind of message they sent to the people?
Are crime and violence fun?
Clever Games for Clever People

centurion tem says:

know, what video games, promote fantasy, and to the last commentor, you can show that comment up yours, i am 26, and i am a father, and i hate, despise capitalism, well i dont hate alle americans, but i cant handle american culture and its ignorance, well its all about imaginary, and we as human beings are able to learn lessons through simulating other realities, well last but not least, economy can kill, and its killing millions of people today, so yes! monopoly is alot more dangerous than fighting or even sandbox GTA like games…

up yours!!!

doug (user link) says:


The game was patented in 1906 by a Quaker woman as a teaching game on the evils of real estate speculation.
Her patent lawyer said the word “monopoly” could not be copyrighted, any more than the word “windows” (Bill Gates lost that one).
Atlantic city Quakers were supportive of an economy based on a single tax, developed by Henry George, who ran for mayor of New York City twice. He was defeated both times by the Pope in Rome, the largest NY landlord at the time.
If you have ever played the game, you learned that at the end, three people starve and have no place to live.

“To make people industrious, prudent, skillful, and intelligent, they must be relieved from want. If you would have a slave show the virtues of a free person, you must first make the slave free.” Henry George,1879

P.S. My neighbor pays about $600 a year for a three bedroom, single bath home with a front yard and a large back yard, which she owns. Her neighbor pays $25,000 a year to “own” the same such house. Go Figure.

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