Do We Need A World Court For Intellectual Property?

from the well,-we-may-have-one-anyway dept

A bunch of folks have sent in various versions of the story that the G20 has agreed to some sort of “world court for intellectual property.” Of course, the details still aren’t entirely clear (and it sounds like there’s still a bunch of horse trading going on), but it would be an extension of WIPO, which has been in charge of enforcing various international treaties. The details are key, but it still does make you wonder why we need a world IP court. Such courts in the past have been shown to not be very effective in dealing with IP issues, because they tend to become dominated by those who believe that “more IP is better” despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So these courts tend to just be the enforcers of industries built on the regulatory monopolies commonly called intellectual property. Well no wonder so many people were sending it in: it was an April Fool’s joke. Well done… though, in retrospect the bit about France demanding that the language of the court be French if it were in China should have been a dead give away.

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Comments on “Do We Need A World Court For Intellectual Property?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Why again is IP some mystical thing that levitates above government?

Yeah, because the guy who had a Dog Food recipe for 15 years really needs to hire a pricy multi-lingual attorney and go to a “World Court” in Geneva to keep their livelihood.

Makes perfect sense. But there’s that pesky Sixth Amendment that needs to be dealt with. How do you think they will circumvent it?

“…of the State and district where in the crime shall have been committed…”

Stay tuned for more developments!

femtobeam (profile) says:

World Court on IP Joke

Too bad. What a great idea in an interconnected, interactive world where borders are disappearing in real time. Imagine having yet more decision makers on high technology issues, protecting our intellectual property rights, instead of unfair trade agreements which give our industries and our future away. Oh, what music to entrepreneurial cortexes, to be able to sue China in our hometowns for stealing our information worldwide off of our computers. They could bring their interpreters and entourages here in large numbers and fill up hotels and spend our lost money in our hometowns. We can drag out the lawsuit, American court HDTV style. Our new yens might make our dollars more valuable then, but can we compete with penniless labor? If it keeps going the way it has been with no solution to the loss of industry, we might.
Heroes of North America photo at:

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