MIT Police Suspended For Trashing Student Newspaper

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Apparently, two police officers at MIT have been suspended after they decided that students at the university shouldn’t see a front page story about another MIT police officer caught dealing drugs — so they dumped hundreds of copies of the paper in the trash (well, actually a recycling bin — they may want to censor, but not clog landfills, apparently). Of course, it really makes you wonder what they hoped to accomplish. The MIT paper, The Tech, is available online, including the article in question. Throwing out the papers probably did little (if anything) to stop people from reading about the incident — and simply ended up calling more attention to questionable activities by MIT police. All of this, of course, highlights yet another nice benefit to online newspapers: people can’t throw them out to try to hide what’s in them.

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Comments on “MIT Police Suspended For Trashing Student Newspaper”

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Albert Nonymous says:

“All of this, of course, highlights yet another nice benefit to online newspapers: people can’t throw them out to try to hide what’s in them”

Meh. They can confiscate the server and that takes care of all the non-physical copies. Single points of failure – so annoying. Unless they have some sort of load balancing across geographically distributed systems so readers will get something when the browse to the URL, electronic copies make it easier for a motivated censor to quash the undesirable.

Online newspapers would be advised to throw some copies into the cloud and mail them out directly to subscribers too, if they are sufficiently concerned that an unpopular article might draw the ire of the powerful.

Enrico Suarve says:

In other news...

The officers involved were on MITs ground breaking “Police State & application of appropriate brutality” course which they are currently acing

A spokesman for the GOP funded initiative stated “We are so proud of these boys, it just goes to show what you can do with the proper resources.” He went on to say “[the GOP] are busy today, helping create the police force for the election of tomorrow”

Sources close to the college reveal that next year they are planning to expand the course to cover topics such as ordinary rendition and advanced interogation

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