Amanda Palmer Asks Fans To Upload Her Anti-Record Label Song To YouTube

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You may recall (of course) that Warner Music and Google are in a fight over YouTube. Warner Music is demanding that Google pay more than Google thinks is reasonable, so now all Warner Music Group videos have been pulled from YouTube. Of course, this is actually pissing off numerous Warner Music musicians, who realize that YouTube (even if not paying directly for their videos) benefits their careers greatly. One such artist is Amanda Palmer — who is signed to Roadrunner Records, a subsidiary of WMG. She was one of the first to complain about Warner pulling her videos from YouTube. Now she’s going even further. Rose M. Welch sends in a link to a YouTube video of a recent Amanda Palmer concert where she first tells the camera operator to make sure he puts the video on YouTube so she can watch it, and then sings a song to her record label, demanding they drop her:

Yup. That decision to demand a few extra pennies from Google while pissing off your artists, sure makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

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Comments on “Amanda Palmer Asks Fans To Upload Her Anti-Record Label Song To YouTube”

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WarOtter (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Obviously you’re a jackass who doesn’t follow alternative music circles, so your ignorant comment is excusable. She was the front woman for the Dresden Dolls, a cabaret punk group who was very popular in Boston, and has since become hugely famous underground across the country, selling out her own shows in mid-size venues and opening for bands like NIN. She has a lot of integrity and more importantly TALENT. The record labels don’t like that combination. It is unfortunate that record labels make disastrous decisions that affect the artists; this is the backlash.

R. Miles says:

Re: Re:

Once again, another ignorant statement from someone who doesn’t understand the artist’s business model.

Until this reading, I’ve never heard of Amanda Palmer. So obviously, distribution really didn’t help her as much as Techdirt did.

But I expected a statement like this from you, Harold. It defies everything you’ve posted, so you have no real argument for the issue at hand: the very distributor is not distributing.

This is equivalent to a company not paying your salary because its customers aren’t paying the company enough.

And guess what? The artists still owns the copyright, so wouldn’t she have a say in the matter?

I’m sure you’ll find a way to denounce her ability as the content owner to determine how she wants that content to be distributed.

Oh, and this proves, one more damn time, that it’s not always about the money with artists.

One day, you’ll hit your head with a significant blow as to remove all the retained crap you have in there to realize she is right and the distributor is wrong.

Prove to any of us why we should line the pockets of the distributor, who works for the artist, to hear the content.

Place your stupid insulting reply here →

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:

You really must not have gotten your coffee today.

All I can say is that you really, truly have lost the plot, and that nothing you are posting at this point is even worth an answer. There are just so many fundamental errors in your post that I would have to start back at record contracts 101 to even start to explain it to you.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

haha WH, what’s wrong with you man? Artist is upset about all that wonderful advertising she was getting from youtube getting pulled… and you say it’s the record company that helped make this artist what she is? Maybe at one point but if you are tossing away such a great advertising tool away perhaps the record company is losing it’s edge.

We aren’t talking about bittorent here or evil corporations… just this one corporation making a mistake and dragging talent down with them because they are jerks.

If you want respect WH go ahead and post responsibly! Best thing you are accomplishing here is making long time techdirt readers show up for the insane flamers they are. But perhaps that is your goal, to troll this website.

normal dick says:

Re: Re:

definitely a well informed voice you are, harold.
so it’s roadrunner records that put money into all of her brilliant DIY music videos? got her the tour with nine inch nails? trained her to put on amazing live shows people would tell their friends and their friends’ friends about? all of the things that make amanda and the dolls amazing (and got them attention and buzz) are from……AMANDA AND THE DOLLS.

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:


I didn’t investigate the band or artist deeply, I don’t really care for solo girl at a piano stuff, so this video didn’t give me any reason to.

However, I do know this: They signed to Roadrunner Records, which is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. So the contracts can get a little complicated – what did Amanda sign over to Roadrunner, what did Roadrunner agree to with Warner overall, etc.

I was not shocked to see that the band (only 2 members?) have a relationship with NIN. Small world, isn’t it?

Sarcasm Deluxe says:

I only like LABEL Bands

Some one has heard of Amanda Palmer, because apparently she was on tour. I guess all her fans will forget about her when she is no longer on YouTube. And in addition, the label dropping her would certainly result in a complete collapse of her fan base and there would be no more concerts. All recorded material would self destruct like on Mission Impossible. Man, she is screwed.

Alex Hagen says:

Again Mike?

Right, and I am sure her dislike of her label has 100% to do with this Youtube decision.

Hey Mike, you always like to frame this these issues like the artists are really mad at the labels for these kinds of moves, but it really doesn’t look like they are. The best you can seem to come up with are these single little isolated cases, and usually from no-name artists like this woman or artists that already have a beef with record labels like NIN. There is no major artist anger towards them for these actions, and your continues attempt to portray it as such just seem silly.

Ryan says:

Re: Again Mike?

Did you check the link included in the post?

As said by Amanda Palmer:

in other words, roadrunner is a subsidiary of warner and i’m stuck in hell with madonna and the other poor bastards, because warner wants more money. even worse, warner has almost no bargaining power…they’re not even in the top ten of labels who have huge artists with material streaming on youtube. they’re just starving for cash right now and they’re doing anything they can think of to come up with cash. it’s abSURD. they are looking for money in a totally backwards way.

money that, i should point out, i would NEVER see as an artist. if they got their way and youtube decided to give them a larger revenue share of the videos, it’s very unlikely it would ever make its way into the artists’ bank accounts….

did i mention that being on a major label is starting to seem like…..not such a grand idea?

Jan Hopmans (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Would you think Amanda would ever get on MTV & Late Night Shows etc with her record label pushing her?
No way, no way!

I know the people that listen to this music and they aren’t the crowd that watch that. They are the ‘crowd’ that discover music from their friends not music labels.
YouTube is one of the main ways to share music with your friends. So yeah she will benefit a lot from being on YouTube.

Man from Atlanta says:

Re: Re:

“I thought someone had killed Amanda Palmer? :P”

Cute reference. If memory serves, the album you refer to was in part initiated and then produced by Ben Folds. Amanda Palmer, originally a mime/street performer, has plenty of credibility with other musicians and a solid fanbase. Here’s a video her band Dresden Dolls did with another band, Panic at the Disco, a way of cross-pollinating their fanbases:

It appears that it has been taken down and put back up, because this used to have a giant number of views.

Hostage of Reality says:

Clearly, not everyone is going to like Amanda Palmer or the Dresden Dolls because her/their sound isn’t main stream, never has been and probably never will be.

Superstar famous or not, Amanda is great because she is one of the very, very few artists that connects with her fans. I think it is fabulous that she is willing to stand up to her label on behalf of the people that place the money in everyone’s pockets.

Though, I must agree with others here, I sure hope she has a back up plan in case she gets her wish.

Long live AFP!

FQ says:

record label issues

Amanda Palmer’s issues with her record label are well documented in her blog. She’s a witty writer, and worth checking out. She’s obligated to the label for 2 more albums, but gets little marketing or financial support.

Example: She’s one of these artsy types who puts a lot of effort into her music videos. They asked her to re-cut one of her videos coz she showed her belly, and they said she was too fat to be exposing her belly. They actually said that to a woman who performs live in her “undies”.

So of course she’s royally peeved.

After they pulled her videos from youtube, she eventually reposted them under her own youtube acct. But she lost all the click counts and bookmarks and buzz. That was the final straw, but not the only straw, in long line of grievances.

Man from Atlanta says:

Re: record label issues

As the manager of a semi-successful independent band some years ago, I ended some contacts by record labels with my second question:

First Question: “What will the band receive per unit?”
Second Question: “As an independent, the band make 5 times per unit what you are offering. Would you explain to us your plan for selling more than 5 times as many units?”

Too many artists give up their autonomy for the brass ring of being on a label or a major label. And the incentives for artist managers and lawyers to give proper advice aren’t right either. The playing field is not even close to level.

Katz says:

Record Label Issues

I actually found out about Amanda via a friend who was into the Dresden Dolls. Seeing as she’s not your average dyed in the wool pop tartlet it’s not like I was likely to see her on tv otherwise. Also thanks to Youtube I’ve come across quite a few artists’ I’d never heard of, because other users posted up their clips.

Mest (profile) says:

Amanda Palmer is a puerile idiot who hangs around with Scientologist Neil Gaiman who was a class VIII auditor and ED of Birmingham Org and CS at the GO. Gaiman appears in graduate lists in The Auditor Worldwide, completing 3 courses. Neil Gaiman has given over $100,000.00 to Scientology and the US Gaiman family were awarded “Patrons” of Scientology for 2004 & 2006 (the highest ranking membership of the International Association of Scientologists). According to Celebrity Scientology blog Neil Gaiman takes services at FLAG.

KlonopinDreams says:


I think she might want to be dropped because she prefers her own way of promotion (like the way she makes her music)? Before I became a Dresden Dolls/ Amanda Palmer I actually hated them because so many people knew who they were and kept singing “Coin-Operated Boy”. But once I got into their music for myself and formed my own opinion, I actually love listening to them.

Plus it helps that I got to do Brian Viglione’s hair in a mock pouf. Some of the artists I like on major labels (with talent less than or equal to that of the Dresden Dolls) that wouldn’t even be a reality.

I’m not going to act like I understand the music industry but she did post a blog about how her “Ben Folds-produced major label solo” album didn’t do much of anything.

And Mest, your argument is a red herring. Neil Gaiman has nothing to do with her wanting to be dropped from her label. Even if they are boning.

Kyle says:


I have been a fan of her music for a few years now, and I have to admit I never heard about her through any sort of promotion. One of my friends friends stumbled across one of the Dresden Dolls videos on youtube, and then my friend started listening to them, and then I heard them and fell in love with the music. I instantly started following Amanda Palmer’s blogs, and once I heard she was releasing a solo album I became extremely excited.
That solo album was one of the most beautiful albums ever. I am a huge fan, and know a good amount of her fans(mostly because I made them listen to her music and they liked it) and none of them heard of her through any label promotion, it was through youtube and fellow fans.

Gary says:

Is Amanda Palmer a guy? She looks like a transvestite with the huge thick neck and jaw and shoulders. The more I see her the more I’m convinced that this is a guy. I think she sent naked pictures out to convince people that she is a woman but people can take hormones and grow breasts. I don’t think people need to disclose if they were previously men so I was wondering if anyone knew whether Amanda Palmer had a sex change operation?

Dean W. Birkett says:

Scientology rumours

I refuse to believe, in any way, shape, or form, that Amanda Palmer is a scientologist, just because she is friends with Neil Gaiman – a man who has also been accused of following said “faith” just because his father upheld the beliefs, and for which their is no proof of his alleged funding or following. For fuck sake, I went to a Catholic college and had countless friends that follow the Catholic faith – it doesn’t make me a Catholic. Also, I’m openly and unashamedly gay; does that mean they’re bad Catholics for not burning me on sight, or forcing me to repent? Fuck NO!

mest says:

You clearly don’t understand that Scientology is a CULT. Members of scientology are interrogated during auditing on all relationships and members write knowledge reports on all activities and relationships not sanctioned by the cult.

Little prince Gaiman would hardly be able to get involved with a non scientologist, hell, Gaiman and Palmer launched a goofy publicity campaign about their “relationship,” the minute Gaiman’s divorce was revealed. He hid the divorce too, until it was leaked onto the web.

What the hell do you mean there is no proof? There is nothing but proof of Gaiman’s involvement sealed by his ghastly silence.

The Gaiman Faimly USA listings in Impact magazine #114 is FUNDED BY NEIL GAIMAN, making him a Patron with Honors ($100,000.00 accumulative contribution). His parents are listed separately in the UK section. You can also lump in all of ex wife Mary Gaiman’s contributions since she was not employed her awards were all funded by Neil Gaiman.…4-patrons.html

Neil’s parents give money under The Gaiman Family UK and G & G Vitamins, which is a family business that supplies Scientolgists with purification rundown pills. Gaiman’s sisters give money under their married names Edwards and Calcione. Claire Edwards is the head of worldwide recruiting and Lizzie Calcione runs Wealden House.

Here’s Gaiman happy as a CLAM at Wealden House:

Gaiman’s recent presence at Wealden house, East Grinstead proves he is in good standing with his family members.

Gaiman’s family members are high-ranking Scientology executives and as Paul Haggis’ experience clearly demonstrates, Scientologists are ordered to disconnect from non- Scientologists so the fact Neil Gaiman was photographed at Wealden House, the big scientology center in East Grinstead shows he’s in the cult.

Neil Gaiman is a hypocrite. He is also funding the dangerous cult that persecutes gay men and woman. Scientology is in support of Proposition 8 in California. Paul Haggis is a brave man to stand up for gay men and women against Scientology. Neil Gaiman is only a lying coward who stands for nothing in his life and is giving money to the cult that oppresses the gays.

Bill says:

Bullshit. The head of Roadriunner told Amanda Palmer that she was crap and her album stunk. Roadrunner couldn’t care less about Palmer, she has proved that she is untalented, tasteless and has incredibly bad instincts. Palmer tries to stir up interest in herself through constant carping and publicity stunts, but she’s a rotten muscician. I wuld believe the Scientology scenario. Scientologists have that creepy way of not listening to any criticism. In an incredible attack of bad taste, the Scientologists have paired Gaiman and Palmer, what a mistake.

Mest (profile) says:

Palmer and Gaiman fund a dangerous cult.

Neil Gaiman’s 2009 contributions to the CULT of Scientology are listed in Cornerstone Newsletter (circa November 2009)

$142 million plus given to Super Power Scam – Ex Scientologist Message Board


CORNERSTONE CLUB MEMBERS [1315] [$35,000.00]

You’ll find:

Mary & Neil Gaiman

And as the ex Scientologists state: “Also, this list does not include donations made by people who have since left the Church and been declared SP’s or “ethics bait”. The Church deletes those people’s names from the lists.”

This probably reflects the $30,000.00 Neil Gaiman gave to the cult, and an additional $5000.00 to bring him up to Cornerstone Club member. Neil Gaiman is a Scientologist in good standing.

Darryl says:


Are you all serious? Where did Neil Gaiman come from? and why are we all destroying him? The post is about Palmer. I agree that she is exaggerated and sometimes a little off, but she has several really good songs. Plus, she is being credited with really being able to make the internet music business work. But for excellent piano, there are definitely others. And just for the record, despite what cult Gaiman belongs to, his writing rocks.

CrabtreeElement says:


I’m with a lot of these folks, I never heard of AFP from anything her label did, I found her on the interwebs myself through her self-generated stuff that pretty much anyone can produce with an email address and a phone camera. Speaking of that, some of the folks I see on places like this who are like professional commenters trip me out. It’s not like someone can’t start their own blog somewhere if they want a place to rave talk about people. Actually, a friend of mine was listening to the Dresden Dolls one time several years ago and I thought, “eh it’s ok” which is still how I kind of feel about her music but I really dig her public personality and creative whatever. Alrighty, I’ll feel better today knowing that I made someone read all of this crap for no reason.

CrabtreeElement says:


Internet folks get way too whacked out about Scientology. I don’t care if you want to tell me stories about how your grandma jumped off a building because of Scientology, there’s much worse, more dangerous stuff about. With all the energy people are putting into the anti-scientology cause (probably the second easiest lame-ass lazy cause to be involved in after the ant-rapist cause) you could all have already started your own cult by now. I say utilize your energy for something constructive!

Mest (profile) says:

Oh really? Internet people get too “whacked out” about Scientology? Scientology is a dangerous cult. They have RPF work camps where they make Sea Org children do physical labor and dig ditches from morning until night. You have no idea what you are talking about Crabtree.

Amanda Palmer is engaged to Neil Gaiman and Gaiman belongs to a cult that opposes free speech and free movement. Scientology runs prison camps for it’s members, litigates enemies into silence and is responsible for suicides and suspicious deaths worldwide. Gaiman grew up being audited and intimidated himself and is used to lying. He may not even realise he’s a hypocrite. Scientology persecutes gay men and woman, by supporting Prop 8 in CA along with so many crazy scams and crimes I can’t list here.

Gaiman and Palmer seem to take a photographer to catch every “intimate” moment. What a pair of narcissistic lidiots. Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are Scientologists. Neil Gaiman just has donated $35,000.00 to Scientology AGAIN (November 2009), according to the Cornerstone Newsletter, and has been named a Scientology Founding Patron. Gaiman and Palmer are working as a team, with the Scientology seal of approval. They got paired up to make money, that’s why their relationship was “launched” with pictures, a soundtrack, a self published vanity book of bloody snuff porn pictures of Palmer.

Palmer pretends to give a shit but she’s involved in a fucked up cult.

Clam watcher says:

No, Amanda Fucking Palmer, I won’t shut up. EVER! You fucking CLAM!

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are cynical Scientologists in a business relationship. Every moment of their lives is contrived to get your money and attention.
Neil Gaiman just donated another $500,000.00 to Scientology in 2010 through his business partner Mary Gaiman who received a “Gold Humanitarian Award.” Gaiman is a Scientologist and so is Amanda “I can’t play a fucking note” Palmer.
Amanda Palmer is engaged to Neil Gaiman and Gaiman belongs to a cult that opposes free speech and free movement. Scientology runs prison camps for it’s members, litigates enemies into silence and is responsible for suicides and suspicious deaths worldwide. Gaiman grew up being audited and intimidated himself and is used to lying. He may not even realize he’s a hypocrite. Scientology persecutes gay men and woman, by supporting Prop 8 in CA along with so many crazy scams and crimes I can’t list here.
Neil Gaiman’s Scientology family, who extract 6 million dollars a year in vitamin sales to Scientologists would never allow Palmer near their fortune if she had not agreed to support Scientology

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