2009 Budget Includes $9.4 Million For FBI IP Enforcement Agents

from the wanna-bet-who-snuck-those-provisions-in-there? dept

As you probably recall, the Obama Department of Justice includes many of the content industry’s favorite lawyers. Now, thanks to the $410 billion omnibus spending bill approved by Congress and Obama, the FBI has nearly $10 million more dollars to spend on intellectual property enforcement. The money will fund 2 field officers at each existing Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property unit as well as the creation of a new unit at FBI headquarters to work specifically on multi-district IP cases. This news comes soon after Obama spoke warmly about innovation and start-ups — two things which hardly need more IP headaches — so it will be important to watch carefully who he appoints as the newly created IP Czar (though things hardly look good thus far).

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Comments on “2009 Budget Includes $9.4 Million For FBI IP Enforcement Agents”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Now would be the perfect time

Those don’t require investigation; once the banking cartel gets its global power(s) the economic downturn will let up.

It’s a very regular pattern throughout the last few centuries. Just watch the new–when you see something like “New World Bank gets worldwide regulatory powers” then your local economy will perk right up.

Of course, that “perk right up” has nothing to do with the bank, and everything to do with the banking cartel easing off the artificially created bad economic conditions.

[It’s like somebody squeezing your neck, and you don’t feel it. The say “trouble breathing? Just pay me with your left testicle and I’ll fix ya right up.”]

Cynical says:

Just as I thought

You know, with all that rhetoric about “openness”, “transparancy” and “change” in his presidential campaign, I thought the shine would take about 6 months to wear off. It even got my hopes up a little bit.

But hell, it’s taken about 5 minutes! He’s flat out lied about being open and hasn’t even tried to hide it. Even a deep cynic like me was a little surprised at the speed of this show of his true colours.

And I’m not talking about his skin colour here, in case anyone starts flaming me for “racism”, ok?

Anon says:

Contacting the People in Charge

Hi Kevin,

I would like it if in these stories you included links either to pages or email addresses of where people can get in touch with the people behind each of these issues. After reading these stories often times I’m all set to write a response to a responsible party, but I don’t feel like doing the research to find out how to get in touch with everybody you write about. Consider adding?

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