Will Newspapers Start Selling Special Printers Now?

from the desperation-sets-in dept

Reader Cannen alerts us to the fact that MediaNews wants to experiment with the idea of letting people create custom newspapers and print them out at home via a special printer. The idea is interesting at a first pass, but the more you think about it, the less it makes sense. Who wants to get a special printer just to print out their newspaper? If they really wanted to offer this, what’s wrong with letting people use the printers they already have? Or are these newspapers hoping to make more money by selling printers? Perhaps they’re jealous of the ridiculous margins found in printer ink these days — and they’re hoping to cash in on selling special ink that you can only buy from them to print your paper. While I’m sure there are some people who might like this option, just so they can still read their news on paper each day, it seems like a pretty narrow market.

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Comments on “Will Newspapers Start Selling Special Printers Now?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Is the problem actually printing it or just finding the right articles?

What is the real problem? Printing costs being paid by the newspaper?

Why not just email the news? The email consists of headlines, with links to the actual news. To keep it tidy, subscribers could have an option to recieve separate emails for each section desired- an Email with entertainment section, another for World News, another with local news, and another still for technology/editorials.

Hint: You have to logon (or have a set cookie) to read the full article.

inc says:

Newspapers should team up with amazon and subsidize the kindle with a newspaper subscription. You have the added value of letting older papers be available as well. Then stream your newspaper directly to your consumers. Take advantage of e-paper. If there is going to be printers the should be a gas stations and 7-11s like lotto machines. So they can print them on demand with the latest news. Why would a home user buy a special printer? Newspapers should custom tailor their paper to their customer. Let the client add rss feeds to external blogs and even highlight certain blogs. In exchange for those blogs getting more traffic they can ask the blogs to give them ad space for newspaper+kindle subscriptions.

Bottom line the newpapers need to evolve and with a little thought outside the box they have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Mark Rosedale (profile) says:

People would actually do this?

I do read one printed news paper. It is free and handed to me as I get on the Subway. The only reason I read this is because I don’t have an internet connection for a good majority of the trip. If I am at home or somewhere with an internet connection and the news is right in front of me on a screen why on earth would I print it? I see very little value in this at all. Crazy talk and doomed to fail.

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