MPAA Matches RIAA In Massive Layoffs

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I missed this one when it initially happened, but it looks like the MPAA is following in the footsteps of the RIAA — who recently laid off a bunch of folks. Apparently the MPAA quickly followed suit and drastically scaled back after the studios cut the MPAA’s funding by about 15 to 20%. Apparently some of the entertainment companies are finally realizing that the strategies employed by the RIAA and MPAA (lobbying for favorable laws and suing the crap out of anyone who dares to innovate) aren’t actually helping them build a stronger business. Of course, it seems likely that they’ll keep making the wrong moves, even at a reduced budget — but maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally start to realize that their recent strategy has been a colossal failure.

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Comments on “MPAA Matches RIAA In Massive Layoffs”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It bears repeating that as industry associations (aka, lobbyists) neither the MPAA nor the RIAA are plaintiffs in lawsuits against P2P file sharers. Those lawsuits are brought by various member companies of these two organizations. If fingers are to be pointed, they should be pointed at the companies bringing these suits, and not at the industry associations/organizations.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

I believe the following quote from the linked article contradicts your comment:

“Major Hollywood movie studios have filed another round of lawsuits against file sharers it alleges to have distributed copyrighted movies over the Internet.”

As has even been noted by Mr. Beckerman, an attorney who is holding the movie and music studios’ feet to the fire, that the true parties bringing suit are the studios themselves, and that the terms “RIAA” and “MPAA” are being merely used as a shorthand notation…and not to suggest they are the ones bringing these lawsuits.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Doesn’t contradict his comment at all. The studios are “the true parties bringing suit”; that in no way conflicts with the MaFIAA’s financing the investigation and promoting litigation. Think of the MaFIAA as a sleazy private investigator and the movie/record industries as their bosses. You wouldn’t list the PI on any court documents but you may use their staff as expert witnesses.

hegemon13 says:

Re: Re:

Actually, that’s not quite right. They are brought forth by the *AA on behalf of the studio/label. The *AA is doing the legwork, even though the studios/labels are officially the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Plus, the original John Doe suits are filed by the *AA. Once they discover the identity, that case is withdrawn, and a new case is filed, which is Studio/Label vs. Identified Victim.

Don’t fool yourself, the strategy and it’s implementation are the *AA’s baby.

lx says:

Re: lobbying laws

That law would probably be the US Constitution – the right to lobby congress is one of the many rights granted under the Constitution. As bad as lobbying may seem in some circumstances, it is not a right you should be so willing to give up as it does have its pluses (ie the ACLU lobbying congress for civil liberties).

The problem with the RIAA/MPAA and government is not with the lobbying, it’s with politicians grabbing for power in a private arena – the real root of all this crap is the government putting its nose where it doesn’t belong (but this all really has nothing to do with this post).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Finally

“I feel bad for the ones who are now jobless. The *AAs may be scummy entities, but they’re still made up by regular people, especially at the level these layoffs likely happened. A fish rots from the head, and the head’s still there.”

People need to take more responsibility regarding where they work and what they do. If you made your income from one of these organizations and have been laid off – then you got what you deserved in my opinion. Next time care a little more about what kind of organization your dedicating your time and skills too.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Finally

Screw ’em. Seriously. I didn’t feel bad for Steve Irwin when he was killed doing what he chose to do(hell, we all tuned in every week to see if he WOULD get killed…admit it, you did too) so I have no problem laughing at them as they realize they should have thought more about the consequences of their actions. It’d be like feeling sorry for some Wall Street investor who lost their shirt in the economy; I don’t care if his 12 year old daughter has to blow the local college football team to help make ends meet. This is a hard lesson for them, sure, but now is their chance to learn from it even though I expect that most will not.

Rob (profile) says:


As I have stated many times before. I and most of your average people have no lost love for “destroying the entertainment industry” If you buy any item and it is bad you can return it. If you go to a Bruce Willis movie that he was paid $15M to make and sucks, until right on the ticket there is a money back return if the movie is a piece of crap. I do not really have any issue with anyone downloading anything. While 90% of the bands are releasing CDs with maybe two decent songs at the most and still charging $13 for the CD, I have no issue with anyone who downloads that piece of crap because they should not be getting paid for it any way.

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