Facebook Driving More Traffic Than Google To Some Big Sites

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Yesterday was the news that social networking and blogs had become more popular than email; today, word comes that Facebook has become the most significant source of traffic for a number of big web sites. It’s overtaken Google for some sites, even with just a third of the unique visitors of the search behemoth. But, as paidContent points out, Facebook needs to figure out how to translate this traffic-generation power into revenues as a part of its bigger overall search for a monetization strategy. An issue persists for the likes of Google, too, though: as social networks start to become more powerful sources of traffic, will advertisers shift more of their dollars to them, and away from search-based keywords?

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Comments on “Facebook Driving More Traffic Than Google To Some Big Sites”

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Noah Callaway says:

Re: Re:

Facebook may be able to cater more to the individual, but Google is still able to cater to what the user is looking for *right now*. That kind of targeting is nothing to sneeze at.

I’m not saying Facebook won’t eventually out rank Google, I’m just saying Google definitely will be able to provide stiff competition…

Michael Lockyear (profile) says:

search mode

Search-based advertising is a winner…the user is actually LOOKING for something when they visit a search engine…and it might just be the service / product advertised in the sponsored results. Search-based advertising (and its cousin SEO) are here as long as we use search engines to find information.

On the other hand, when I visit Facebook, I am NOT looking for anything, I am merely updating my knowledge of what is happening in the lives of friends and family. I am less likely to click on ads as I am not actually in “search mode”, although if a friend recommends a site I might visit it, however if everyone starts recommending sites I would probably ignore them all.

Relonar says:

Re: search mode

It goes both ways,
in ‘search’ I’m often looking for a specific piece of content. If searching for information keyword ads get in the way of sites that could be much more beneficial so I tend to glance, and then leave it at that. Opposed to searching for a product or service, then keyword ads are fairly relevant. say, an ad from national semiconductor if I search for electronic components.
When checking social network I guess you could call it ‘browse’ mode. I’m looking all over the place taking in all sorts of random information. Mostly looking for cues that match my interests. Now if an ad was matched to mine or my friends interests it would have a very large draw.
Its all about what service you offer that is the best factor determining where you put your advertising money. A machine shop would do much better on a search engine, whereas a media service, pop retail, etc. would do much better on the social networks.

Social Networks (user link) says:

Social Networking

Seeing as that there are now so many social networks catering to such a wide range of niches, my biggest problem is finding ones relevant to me and related to my specific interests or product niches. Google seems to be inefficient and returns alot of irrelevant results. A cool resource that I use is this search engine designed specifically to find social networking sites.

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