Universal Music Just Realizes That Digital And Physical Distribution Should Be In The Same Group?

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We were pretty shocked that it took until just last summer for the LA Times to realize that it didn’t make sense to have separate digital and print newsrooms, yet it seems that some other industries are just now learning the same lesson. Universal Music has had a reorganization, where it’s finally admitting that digital and physical sales should be in the same group. This is the sort of thing that should have happened at least five years ago, if not ten. The fact that they’re just coming around to this realization now suggests how out of touch the major record labels remain.

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Comments on “Universal Music Just Realizes That Digital And Physical Distribution Should Be In The Same Group?”

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Michael Whitetail says:

Re: Re:

It’s been shown time and again that the *only* segment of the music industry slowing down is the distribution of plastic discs.

Universal and the rest are having their bottom lines impacted; really have been for years. However, they do have deep pockets,a nd while they aren’t dead yet, Jim, they’ve been well on their way for a long time.

Dave says:

Techdirt missed the point

This article is way off for two reasons. The distributors function only exists when there are avenues to distribute to that are otherwise out of the reach for a content driven business.

1. Over the past seven years, physical retailers have drastically diminished, making traditional physical distribution of significantly less value and importance.

2. The internet provides a multitude of inexpensive digital distribution platforms, which entirely wipe out the demand for a digital distributor like Universal Music.

The article misses the point entirely. It doesn’t matter whether or not physical or digital distribution exist in the same building, neither are integral in the new landscape of the music business.

Record labels and distribution companies are screwed unless they start thinking about new ways to monetize their content and stop building legal walls around themselves.

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