Google's Ebook Store To Use Failed DRM Strategy

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I’ve already expressed my concerns with the legal issues surrounding Google’s book scanning settlement with various publishers and authors, but the news keeps getting worse. One of the few “good things” that many people pointed to in the settlement was that it would create something of a new “Ebook store” where you could purchase the digital versions of books. Except… not so much. Michael Scott points us to the news that you won’t actually be able to purchase the books from that “bookstore.” Instead, you’ll only get to download a little bit at a time. You never get the full book at once, but bits and pieces — while the rest remains on Google’s servers. Thus… should Google ever change the program, you would lose access to what you had “bought.” And, this isn’t just an academic suggestion. Just three years ago, when Google launched its video hosting service, it included a similar DRM, which it ended up discontinuing. So, the legal details are troubling, and the technical details are troubling. What’s actually good about Google’s book agreement again?

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Comments on “Google's Ebook Store To Use Failed DRM Strategy”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Seems true ...

but I just can’t ever really trust anything Mike writes. Its either true cause it proves his world view or twisted because the truth dose not prove his world view. 50/50

This is a conversation. I link to the source materials, so you are free to go read through all the details you like — and then I state my opinion. If you think I got something wrong, I’d appreciate you telling me. But no one is saying that you have to believe my opinion. If you disagree with me, I expect you to say so. That’s how the conversation works.

I can’t respond to accusations claiming I twist stuff around when you don’t provide an example.

Old Geezer says:

Print is always better

So, what exactly are you paying for and how much would it cost compared to the same material in print? In order to be feasible, the electronic version needs to be greatly discounted due to the reduced value.

I like having the book on a shelf, it’s there when I need it. I can correct errors and make notes in it and if I do not need it anymore, I can sell it.

The whole electronic book thing seems a bit like a product in search of a market – and here’s the scary part, when the market does not magically appear they will try to shove it down your throat.

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