China Shuts Down 'Unregistered' Websites

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You may recall a few years back that China started demanding that all websites register with the government for approval. We hadn’t heard much about the program since then, but apparently the government has recently decided to shut down thousands of “unregistered” websites, mostly of small businesses. Considering the state of the economy these days (yes, in China as well), you would think that China would think twice before shutting down small business websites… but apparently the ability to control the internet trumps all economic concerns.

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Comments on “China Shuts Down 'Unregistered' Websites”

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evilned says:

That explains it!

My wife is Chinese and she was talking with one of her friends back in China the other night.

Her friend has been working to set up an online matchmaking service, (Think or when she told my wife she was being forced to shut down.

My wife’s friend was thinking of having me set up a company for her in the States. My wife is concerned about this and told me if asked to speak with her first.

Well, now I understand why. I don’t want my wife’s friend to get in trouble, so I think I’ll give this a pass.

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