How Do You Ban Someone From Posessing A 'Recording Device'?

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Michael Geist points out that a guy in Canada has been convicted under an anti-camcording law for recording a showing of the movie Dan in Real Life (I’m sure it was big on all the torrent sites). However, what struck me as interesting was the punishment handed out. The guy is on 24 months of probation, has to perform 120 hours of community service, is barred from entering a movie theater or associating with anyone involved in movie piracy. And… he is barred from owning any recording device.

That seems a bit broad. After all, most mobile phones these days are recording devices. Any computer is a recording device. An iPod can be a recording device. I can understand the thought process that went into such a ban, but it seems to overreach in its intended impact.

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Comments on “How Do You Ban Someone From Posessing A 'Recording Device'?”

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BTR1701 (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Forever

> Except for convicted sex offenders, regardless
> of the severity of their crime. So, no, not
> just for the length of his parole/probation,
> at least not in the US.

Actually, there are several cases coming up from varous states that challange the constitutionality of many aspects of those lifetime sex offender punishments– especially with defendants where there isn’t any real “sickness”, like a high school kid having sex with his girlfriend, who is only a year or so younger than he is. It will be interesting to see how these cases come out. Based on past precedent, a lot of these restrictions would seem to be in danger of being invalidated.

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