Will Warner Bros. Studios Go After Everyone Offering The Christian Bale Rampage For Piracy?

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In case you’ve been living under a pop-culture rock for the past week or so, you’ve probably heard the recording of Christian Bale’s angry, curse-filled tirade on the set of his most recent movie. Apparently the tape was leaked after film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that had insured the film should Bale have bailed out on the role. That’s not all that interesting. However, in an LA Times followup, in which Christian Bale provides his expected heartfelt apologies for going too far, there’s a far more interesting quote from the movie’s director, McG, concerning the leak of the tape:

“It’s illegal, and the anti-piracy people at the studio are going to pursue it to the full extent of the law. You have got to have actors feel safe on the set, so they can transcend the things they do in their normal lives.”

First of all, it’s not clear which part he’s talking about is illegal — but it’s telling that he thinks the “anti-piracy people” at the studio (in this case, Warner Bros.) who are dealing with this. Will they be going after TMZ for putting the tape online? Against all the other sites that have copied it? Is it “piracy” or is it news?

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Comments on “Will Warner Bros. Studios Go After Everyone Offering The Christian Bale Rampage For Piracy?”

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BigDogRMF says:

Please, people...

Please, please people… don’t you understand? These actors are SPECIAL, they must be protected, if even from themselves. They must be free to explore their are without the hindrance of normal conventions than affect slobs like you and me… conventions of decency, humanity, things like that. They’ll save a wombat half way around the globe, but far be it for them to be expected to show a little human compassion for someone …right… there.. next… to .. them…
Thank God for people like Bale, and their freedom to be belligerent. If I acted like that here where I work, I’d get fired in a heartbeat. Oh, the oppression… I’m not even paid millions per year, oh, the pressure he must be under! poor baby!
btw, I’ll be boycotting all future Christian Bale movies…

popgoestheweazel says:

Boycott the movies? What’s that going to do? Be sure before you go to any other movies of any other actors, that you do exstensive research to make sure that they haven’t thrown hissy fits or cursed (Heaven forbid). I’m sure there are plenty of romantic comedies out there for you to watch.

As personal as everyone is getting over this mess, even when they weren’t even there, or were you, I would hate for someone to pee in your corn flakes, because you would probably catch a charge. People, this happened over 7 months ago to someone we don’t even sleep with, don’t go home to, and are not responsible for. Bale, the DP and the crew made amends that day and then everyone went home and had a cup of tea. Why the heck are we even getting so wrapped up in this? McG, Bale, and the movie bosses need to air this thing out. Who freaking cares. The issue about his character? Sorry, not that superficial. I need more than one documented incident to make a judgement. Notice I said documented. Not gossip. Sure, Bale had a temper-tantrum, but the public is having one too. But, I guess it’s okay for us to do it, because the majority of us don’t make millions.

ChristianApologist (user link) says:

Take a second look.

Christian Bale has a job to perform, just like the DP had a job to do. Re-listen to Christian’s outburst–the DP had ruined at least one scene beforehand, perhaps even more, through his carelessness.

That, my friends, is incompetence. And when you’re part of a multi-million-dollar project, a fuckup like that can set people on edge. Bale had very legitimate complaints throughout the entire clip I heard–the man was interfering with his job. It’s not like Christian goes down to where you guys work to slap the cock out of your mouths or anything…cut him a break. The DP doesn’t get a free pass on his fuckup just because the star of the show threw a tantrum.

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