Unpatched, Virus-Infected Windows To Blame For Grounded French Fighter Pilots And Halt To Traffic Arrests In Houston

from the gov't-security dept

Reader Calvin sends in two separate stories of government institutions who apparently failed to patch their Windows machines to protect against the Conficker virus — despite the patch being available for many months. First, Houston police have stopped arresting people with outstanding traffic warrants and shut down the municipal court system for a few days to try to deal with their computer systems being overrun by the virus. Then, across the Atlantic, the French Navy is dealing with a similar problem, forcing them to ground many of their fighter planes. Some naval staff were told not to turn on their computers at all, as apparently the Navy’s internal computer network has been hit by the virus as well. Apparently, now might be a good time to run some traffic lights in Houston or invade France (kidding, kidding…).

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Comments on “Unpatched, Virus-Infected Windows To Blame For Grounded French Fighter Pilots And Halt To Traffic Arrests In Houston”

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Ron (profile) says:

French Navy

Soooo, that explains the Frenchers going after MicroSoft; they did not want their military limited to using only one media player. I do find it a bit frightenng that even some of the French military was brought down by a virus. Could we really soon be at a place where some pimply Nigerian kid could maybe bring down NATO with a virus planted in a note from Mrs. John Mugabe whose husband, recently deceased and who was the head of foreign deposits at the National Bank and Trust of Cote de Azure, was holding US$31M in funds deposited by a former oil company embezzler who recently died, without heir, in an unfortunate auto accident?

Rich Kulawiec says:

Quite, quite stupid -- but expected

It’s not difficult to find naive, foolish people who actually think it’s possible to secure a Windows system adequately…despite the existence of over a hundred million counterexamples. These pathetic individuals labor under the delusion that if only they add a sufficient number of band-aids — firewalls and IDS’s, anti-virus and anti-spyware — they can somehow, magically, manage to compensate for all the inherent design and implementation flaws in Windows.

They’re wrong. This incident is merely the latest confirmation of that, one of many — many! — that no doubt will be explained away by the inferior Microsoft fanboys as the fault of system administrators or somesuch.

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