Recording Industry Apparently Unable To Avoid Screwing Up A Good Thing

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Back at MidemNet, the most amount of “buzz” I heard for any particular new music service was for Spotify. Time and time again, I heard from a variety of people — both from the recording industry and from the tech side — that Spotify was a company that had truly figured out how to make a great music service. Of course, there was some bad news too. Due to licensing issues, it wasn’t available in the US. I spoke with some of the folks from Spotify (who were at the event) and they said they were focused on getting more rights so they could open the product up further — but it looks like the recording industry is pushing them in the opposite direction, yet again. The company has announced that, rather than adding more music to its service, some licensing issues mean they’ll be removing music from the product. Once again, the recording industry seems to be missing the point. Every time it freaks out about some new useful service, and demands increased limitations (or, more usually, more money), it kills off whatever potential that service had, and puts yet another bullet in its already-Swiss-cheesed feet.

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Comments on “Recording Industry Apparently Unable To Avoid Screwing Up A Good Thing”

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thecaptain says:

That's what they want you to think

RIAA and the like shooting themselves in the foot is exactly what they want it to look like.

These people aren’t stupid, as much as we’d LOVE to think they are.

The plan has always been to kill off these services and to “screw up” any of their own initiatives on the internet.

The screw ups then become the evidence for their lobbyists to take to Washington and say “See? We tried! It’s impossible to make money on the internet with music, we’re being robbed! Get the pirates! Give us money!”

And it works.

Adam Gershenbaum (user link) says:


Let the music industry keep shooting themselves in the foot. In this day and age, an artist can cheaply produce music and if they choose market themselves, get sponsorship and endorsements, set up licensing deals, sell merch and generate cash for touring on their own. Why pay to put your CD in stores and make nothing when you can sell it digitally?

My favorite music discovery sites these days are pandora,,, and It’s too bad spotify can’t be heard here in the US. Music discovery sites are going to be the new radio station. If my pandora stations had a spot in my car radio dial that would be amazing.

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